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It may only be for 1 month but I’m in the top 500 in Tots100

Ahhh so I have made it into the top 500 in  the Tots 100 ranking . To many people this means nothing and to be honest up until a couple of months ago it didn’t really mean nothing to me .

I know many bloggers have made the decision to leave the Tots100 rankings , but for me I use it as a guide . To see how I have been doing . I am one for setting myself goals . When I signed up to Tots I said to myself when I have been blogging a year I want to see my name in the top 500. Well 9 months on and I have already completed that goal .

Tots 100 top 500 badge
For those of you that don’t know Tots100 is a network of parenting bloggers with more than 8,000 members. Every month they analyse all members with regards to certain attributes. Then you are given a ranking .

This ranking doesn’t equate to much, you may start to get picked for opportunities through Tots . Dont expect it to mean you will start to earn millions or sign a book deal once in the top 10 . It just gives you an idea with where you are at with regards to other bloggers. I use this for inspiration to look at those bloggers In the top ten .Have a look at what they are doing and to see if I can change anything about my site . How can I engage more people.

Of course your writing is the biggest thing and once you have found your own voice the content will come . The interaction will increase and potentially your Tots score will increase .

People need to remember not to be disheartened by it . See it as a bit of fun, don’t take it to heart . Your blog is awesome and just keep doing what you’re  doing .

For now I am happy I am in the top 500 even if it is only for a month!

Do you think being apart of the Tots 100 ranking is a positive ?

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