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creating a bright Future for our children

This post is an entry for BritMums #brightFuture Challenge, sponsored by Unilever

Before having Ava I didn’t really think much about the future let alone a bright future. I would take each day as it came. Ava came along and all I do is think about the future what school she will go to, where we will be living .Most importantly what will the world be like for her when she is older. I want her to grow up happy , healthy and successful in what ever she choses to do.


I have started to think about the little changes that I can make in my day-to-day life. To help the environment more to ensure a  bright future for my daughter. With 6 in 10 parents saying they have started to live in a ‘greener’ way at home. To ensure that the environment the children grow up in can be the nicest as possible.

what changes have we made to make a bright future ?

One of the ways I have started to help the environment is by cutting down the amount of time we use the washing machine.Without thinking I would put a wash on with barely anything in it just so that job was done. Not only have I cut down on the amount of washes we do.I make sure to wash on a 30 wash. Cutting down on both energy consumption and water. By using Persil small and mighty I don’t have to re wash Ava’s clothes to get the stains out of them as they cut through them with ease. This is such a life saver as having a child that’s weaning I always have a pile of clothes with food stains on them !

The biggest change we have implemented is to make sure to recycled everything that we can . We have always recycled but it was rather willy nilly .Most things now can be recycled so I always make sure to . we have even got a separate bin in our kitchen especially for recycling. Making it less of an effort and more of a natural thing to do.

Without knowing it in the last year we have all been helping to make the future brighter. With the new 5p charge on plastic bags. More and more people are reusing their carrier bags or buying bags for life. Which I personally have loads of so I am never caught short whilst out shopping.

* I was sent the products shown above for free, for the purpose of this post*

what small changes have you made in order to have a bright future?

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  • Morgan Prince

    I think it’s great that we’ve all had a hand in making the world a better place. We swapped our car a few years ago in order to have a more efficient car, I like to think that makes a difference too.

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