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The aftermath of a c-section

As I said in my other blog post I really didn’t think I would have a c-section so didn’t really look that much into it ( unlike everything els in my pregnancy I research everything !!) . So I really didn’t know what to expect and after seeing other friends who have had a c section then get infection afterwards I was quite scared !! .

I remember in hospital the day I had Ava everyone had gone home and I was left with the little baby all alone for the first time . She started to cry for some milk so I rang my buzzer and asked the nurse for some milk , she told me the milk kitchen was at the end of the corridor and to help myself !! . So I had to leave my little baby crying and hobble down the corridor to get her milk it was the most painful walk of my life ! .
When I got home I was adiment i wasn’t going to let everyone do everything for me , I didn’t want to miss out on my little baby girl . So I did push myself to change her , feed her and generally try and carry on as normal . There was one time when I got really emotional cause I was unable to lean over the bath to give her a bath . Thankfully Jordan was really supportive and we got a bowl so I could do
It in the sink .
One thing I really wasn’t prepared for was that I was going to have to inject myself in my tummy for 5 days after coming home !! An epi pen they said the needle was like ( was it boat !! It was a full on injection ) I couldn’t bring myself to do it . Thankfully Jordan stepped up and even though I could see he didn’t want to just incase he hurt me.
I found sitting still made me in more pain the more I tried to do stuff the less my body seased up and the less painful I found things. The experience couldn’t of been that bad thought cause I would really think about  having one next time ( if we have more ! ).
 Want to know what its acyually like after having a c-section then take a look at this #c-section #birth #recovery

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