Moving day the things I will need to consider

Our house is on the market and I’m hoping one day soon it will sell and we can get a new house. I’m not longing for a new house where I can do things to it. I am so bored with our house now that I’m starting to fall out of love with it a little bit. I’m stuck in that place where there is no point doing anything major to it as hopefully we wont benefit from it. I’m so bored with what we have I need a change a fresh lick of paint. So instead of dwelling on how much I want a new house I thought it would be more beneficial to think about the things we need to do on moving day and in preparation for moving day.

Mainly the practical things like where the kids will be on moving day. Or what if we don’t find a house we like but we sell ours then we will need to put some of our items into storage. This is something I have got a feeling will happen. As the area we like not many houses come up in our price range. When it comes to self storage I know nothing about it . The only time I have seen something about self storage is when I have watch storage hunters. Gosh I love that programme the things they find are amazing. Can you tell I have had a lot of maternity leave lately !

what to consider on moving day

So self storage I have been looking at a few companies just to see what the difference in them are. The one thing that completely baffles me is how much storage we will need. They come in large, medium or small . I mean I don’t know and what about if I get it wrong and need more storage space. I have come across a company called Shurgard which had a really handy tool that made it so easy to see how much space you would need. You simply go through ticking off the sort of items you would need to store and they calculate the size for you. Sadly they are in Hanworth so I’m on the look to see if there is anything like this local to me. I need to find a self storage in London.

The kids would just need to be out the way on moving day. So this would be down to the grandparents or Aunties and Uncles. There is no way that they could be at home. What’s the betting one of them would be boxed up if they stayed still for too long.

Things to consider on moving day : Moving house

I would also want to get all the things to the new house and sorted before they come along. Especially their bedrooms as this would need to be the two rooms we focused on getting sorted straight away. So no chaos, no boxes so when they are ready to go to bed on the night its a calm relaxing environment.

As if two kids wasn’t enough we also have a dog. Kya is an excitable dog so not one you could have around if your moving. I wouldn’t put it past her to run out the front door if it was left open. So we would need to think about somewhere for her to go. It would either be a very good friend who wouldn’t mind having her all day. Or we would have to pay for her to go into kennels.

This might be the best option and if we have the money it might be good to have her their for a few days. So we can get things sorted before we introduced her to her new home. We would need to make sure there are no gaps in the fence or anywhere that she could escape as she would. At the moment we only have fences on the one side of our garden and the rest are brick walls. The garden leads out onto  gated parking so if she was to get out she couldn’t go far.

What to think about when moving house

I would also need to sweet talk family members into helping us move things. We have been looking at renting a removal van and doing it all our self. So this means that we would need to move everything ourselves. Me and Jordan could do a lot of it ourselves but I cannot see me being able to lift our sofas over the garden wall as they don’t fit through our front door !

All of this is just the easy part I suppose. We just need to sell our house get all paper work sorted and get that moving day. Oh gosh I hope it’s soon please keep your fingers crossed for us.

What other things did you have to think about on moving day ?

Moving house can be stressful but if you think about everything before the day it doesnt have to be. Here are the things im organising ready to move #movinghouse #house #moving #home #tips #ideas #

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