Where to Look When You Need A Website Developer

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The internet can be a minefield. With so many search results and companies screaming ‘’We’re the best!” it’s east to see why finding a website developer can be a long process.

What do you need from a website developer

Whether in you’re in need of a total redesign on your website or a professional to do Search Engine Optimisation, it is important not to take the task of finding a web developer light heartedly. But when do you know when you’ve found ‘the one’?

As a rule of thumb, a professional web developer who is truly worth their price tag will cover all of the following points.

Site speed

In the modern age, no one likes waiting offline, so why would you expect online expectations to be any different? 

When your website is taking more than 3 seconds to load, you can almost guarantee that your customers have gravitating towards the exit button.

Site speed problems are a consistent issue even for businesses with age old websites. A professional web developer can provide you with a brand-new site which loads in an instant or offer their professional opinion on how to improve your current site.

Simple solutions such as reducing your image size, lower your number of redirects and having a secure web hosting server can significantly improve your sites speed and therefore your bounce rate. If your current or prospective web developer doesn’t offer these solutions, they likely aren’t worth their fee.

Ready to Roam

Responsive web design is the latest innovation in the web development industry. Opening the door to mobile browsing for your customers will be following suit of around 82% of other businesses…but think about what it would do for yours!

Think about it… most people have the internet in their back pockets, so you need to be there also. So many users conduct online browsing or even whole online shops whilst sitting on public transport, during their lunch hours, or even in the bathroom! 

Working with a website developer

The bottom place is there’s nowhere that your customers shouldn’t be able to access your products and services if you want to become a leading brand in your industry. So, make sure your website developer is pushing for responsive web design.

Incentive to stick around on your website

If your websites functioning flawlessly but you’re still not receiving the conversion rate you’d like, it’s time to dig a little deeper into the world of web development. 

A professional website developer (even if they have developed the website themselves) will be able to tell you why your bounce rate is extremely high, pages aren’t being clicked, or why you’re not appearing on Google.

Many of these issues can have to do with fundamental features your website may not have, or external features which are necessary to push your website up on Google such as being listed on Google My Business or having business social media pages set up. 

However, it could be something totally invisible such as the majority of your website’s backlinks being full of spam, or the content on your page is not optimised correctly.

Stockport website design agencies are a holistic team of web developers who can create, manage and SEO your website so it’s always ranking number one on Google. Internet marketing strategies are there for a reason and digital marketing agencies can help you utilise them to grow your business and increase your online treading conversion rate.

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