A virtual Moonpig Christmas event: Including Flower arranging and cocktail making

Disclaimer: I was sent the items featured below from Moonpig in exchange for this post all words and images are my own.

Going to a shopping centre at the moment for me isn’t my idea of fun. I went a few weeks back with Alby and honestly, I hated it. I just felt on edge all of the time. So, for now, a lot of my shopping for the festive period this year will be online. A mix of high street stores and also small independent businesses.

When it comes to getting special cards even when there isn’t a global pandemic happening I always use Moonpig. So I was so excited to be asked to attend their virtual event. I got an insight into all the Christmas bits they are doing . Plus all the new updates they have made to their app . Which I’m going to share with you . Also make sure to read to the end as I have a 20% discount code for you when you purchase anything via the moonpig app.

The Moonpig App

The night started with a live demonstration of the app . Now I’m very used to navigating through the app but there are some new features.

Moonpig app

You can get cards and presents via Moonpig for all occasions. If like me you like it get it all done and sorted in one place then Moonpig is the place to go.

If you click the browse icon at the bottom of the app. It will then take you to the categories section . Where you can either search using the search bar for the type of card or present you want. Or click on one of the categories listed. I tend to just use the search bar as I find this easier and it reduces the amount of products that come up. As there are so many to choose from.

From there you can pick the card you want and start the personalisation process. You can upload your own photos also which is normally the type of card I go for as I think it makes the card a little bit more special.

Moonpig Christmas card

The new addition I love the most is that you can now upload your own messages to the inside of your card. When sending cards from Moonpig in the past I always though the personal touch of a hand written message was missing so I’m so glad they have added this option.

Especially with how times are at the moment . The added personal written message inside will really mean a lot to the receiver of your card.

All you need to do is write your message on a piece of paper. Then take a photo of your message when instructed to by the app . This will then be uploading onto the inside of your card.

The other thing I love about the Moonpig app is that orders are kept in your basket. So if you’re creating your cards then you get distracted by the kids. You can come back to them at a later date.

I also use the reminders section of the app. As they send you notifications near the time of a person birthday you have submitted into your reminders section. For me a forgetful person this is ideal and it means I’m not scrambling around last minute trying to find a card I like.

The flowers that come from Moonpig are amazing! They are beautiful and keep for ages. Keep reading to see what I did with a bouquet of flowers that I was sent.

Flower arranging with Roxanne from Moonpig

Using a bouquet of flowers sent to me from Moonpig I made a beautiful table centrepiece. Now flower arranging is something I have never done before. I didn’t think I would be any good at it or if I’m honest if it was something I would enjoy.

How wrong I was I actually found it really relaxing. It was such a calming activity to take part in and it’s something I would do again for sure.

Flowers from Moonpig

I was surprised at how easy it was to do. Roxanne from Moonpig was so great at explaining the steps. I also liked the fact she said that everyone’s arrangement will be different and that’s fine. As mine was so different from everyone else’s. We all had our own vision and they all looked amazing.

flowers from Moonpig

Cocktail Masterclass with Mix and Twist

I’m going to put it out there …… I’m not really a drinker! One thing I do love though is a good cocktail. Cocktails remind me of being on holiday and just chilling out. I’m also not the biggest vodka drinker either so when the packaged arrived and it had vodka in I didn’t think I was going to like any of them

However, after making the first cocktail my mind was changed very quickly. The Vodka Garden cocktail is honestly one of the freshest tasting cocktails I have ever tried. It was made with vodka, lime juice, sugar syrup, mint leaves, elderflower soda and cucumber slice.

Vodka garden

We also made Kiwi collins which was made from vodka, half peeled kiwi, lemon juice, sugar syrup and soda top.

kiwi collins

Then lastly was the Gingerbread Espresso Martini which was made from vodka, Gingerbread syrup and Espresso.

Gingerbread espresso martini

I had such an amazing time at the event and I’m so thankful I was asked to join. I learnt some fantastic things about the mooning app and also had fun making flower arrangements and trying my hand at cocktail making.

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