Hundred Acre woods Eeyore rattle ring and Piglet soft toy: review and Giveaway

We are a big lovers of Disney . Rainbow Designs have very kindly sent us two new Disney soft toys for Alby to enjoy. They are a Hundred Acre wood plush Piglet and a Eeyore rattle ring. They are just so adorable . They have even asked me to run a giveaway so you too could have these adorable baby toys. For the opportunity to enter the giveaway take a look at the bottom of this post.

Like I said earlier I love Disney . We probably watch at least one Disney film a day at home . Although I do love all the new Disney films that are out . The Orignal Disney characters are the best. One of my all time Disney favourites is Pooh Bear. I remember reading all the stories when I was little all about Hundred Acre woods. So introducing the kids to Piglet and Eeyore has been lovely. Some real flash back moments to when I was younger.

Hundred Acre woods Eeyore rattle ring

This super soft rattle ring is not only fun to jingle about its so so soft. When I say soft think of the softest thing you have touched and I guarantee it’s softer than that. Alby really enjoyed touching Eeyore’s hair on the top running it through his fingers.

Hundred Acre woods Eeyore

The Eeyore rattle ring is suitable for babies right from birth and is great to help develop their hand eye co-ordination skills as they get older. It also is great for sensory play as they can explore the soft material and the bell that jingles inside.

I really love the stitching detail of Eeyore’s name and the Acorn in a font that I would associate with Winnie the Pooh. It also adds an extra texture for babies to run their fingers over.

Hundred Acre wood Eeyore

This would make a perfect gift for anyone that is expecting a baby. Or for a family of Disney lovers like us.

Hundred Acre wood Eeyore

The RRP for the Hundred Acre woods Eeyore rattle ring is £8.99

Hundred Acre wood piglet soft toy

This beautiful Piglet soft toy will make a perfect friend for your little one to snuggle with. If you have read my blog for a few years you may have seen that Ava has a bunny that she takes everywhere. Well she has asked on a few occasions if she can take Piglet as well. Which this isn’t something she does with just any toy. It is super soft and cuddly so I completely understand why she wants to.

Hundred Acre wood Piglet

I really liked the difference of textures on piglet from the softness of its head and limbs to the bumpy but still so soft body. It really gives an added special touch to this super cute soft toy.

This again would make a perfect gift for anyone expecting a baby. Or maybe just a toddler that likes to have a snuggle with a soft toy. I can see that Piglet will be a big hit in our house and it may even mean bunny can get a good wash.

Hundread Acre wood piglet

The RRP for the Hundred Acre wood Piglet soft toy is £12.99

You can buy both the Eeyore rattle ring and the Piglet soft toy in store and online from John Lewis

Hundred Acre wood piget and Eeyore

So do you like the look of Eeyore and Piglet ? Well why not enter my giveaway below to be in with the chance to win a piglet soft toy and Eeyore rattle ring of your own.

A Hundred Acre wood Soft toy Piglet and Ring rattle Eeyore Giveaway


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