Why I’m sending my daughter to school in September whilst covid is still circulating

The world at the moment is still a scary place . Even if people are acting like it isn’t . Covid is still present and is still something I worry about daily . Despite this we will be sending Ava to school in September and it’s something I have never really questioned.

School  in September

The last few months for Ava have been hard like it has for many children. She is a social butterfly and not being able to go to nursery and see her friends has been really hard on her. She had a lovely circle of nursery friends that she probably will never see again. As she won’t be going to the same school as any of them. 

We have had a lot of behaviour from Ava that we have never really seen before. Some of which I would say is age related but has been made worse maybe or more prominent due to spending a lot of time together. With not a lot to do.

The sass and attitude we get from her is like she’s a teenage girl pushing the boundaries. Mixed with the immaturity of a 4 year old that’s isn’t fully at times able to express her feelings. It’s hard for both her and me. I try my best to stay cool but when it’s the 100th meltdown of the day it’s hard not to get shouty and impatient. 

School in September

School for Ava will bring that sense of routine that she needs so badly . I try to have a routine at home but lets face it after 6 months of being at home I’m at the point now of letting them get away with so much more than I normally would. Just for 5 minutes peace.

She needs to be stimulated more than I can . She needs to go to school and learn and be with other children . She needs to be away from me. Not because she doesn’t like me ( well maybe sometimes she doesn’t) she needs space to breath. She needs space to be her own person . Not to be the sister or the daughter but Ava . 

One of the reasons I have very little concerns with her going to school is because the school have kept me in the loop. From the moment we got accepted at the school I’ve had emails, phone calls , text messages and their website is updated regularly. Their procedures are very much the same as I have been doing at work ( in a nursery). So I understand them and the reasoning for them . 

I personally think lockdown and Covid has affected our children more than we will ever understand . Their world has been flipped upside down and unlike us adults they don’t really understand it all . Like us adults they have gone through all the emotions but may not know why they are feeling that way. 

I believe that school will bring back some ‘normal’ to Ava’s life that she has been longing for . I cannot wait to see her flourish at school . Making new friends and leaning new skills. 

I know for us it’s a pretty easy situation to be in . Ava has no serious health conditions that I have to worry about . I know for many parents It’s going to be a harder decision . We just have to do what’s right for our own families. 

Are your children going back to school in September? How do you feel about it? 

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