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Buying and selling a house is so stressful- the ups and downs

A few weeks ago on insta stories I told you that I had some exciting news but I wasn’t ready to tell everyone yet . As I didn’t want to jinx it . Well I could have told you because it all went downhill.

Just under a month ago we sold our house we were so excited and straight away got looking for a house to buy . Both my parents and Jordan’s mom had said if we needed a stop-gap we were more than welcome to spread ourselves between them so we didn’t lose the sale of the house. Plus if we timed it all well we would


  • Anonymous

    Try having a house on the market for 9 months! Having FIVE people make an offer only to have 4 of them pull out after a number of weeks. The result of which we have gone through losing two ‘dream’ homes after weeks of thinking we were going to be moving, had to put retirement plans on hold and generally suffering from nervous exhaustion, sleepless nights, and anxiety. We are now in the process of going through our 5th cycle but are so traumatised we can’t think of anything except getting through one day at a time and feeling sick every time the estate agent rings thinking it will be more bad news!

    • Jess

      Oh no that’s awful I will be keeping everything crossed for you that this is the last time you have to go through the process !

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