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Should we buy our teachers end of year gifts ?

I bet a lot of parents are wondering what the hell to buy their children’s school teacher . Do you go with the safe chocolate and wine or do you get something personalised . It’s a complete mine field and the thought of the playground chit chat if you get wrong gifts can be too much to think about.

End of year gifts

I have worked in nurseries now for many a years and I have received a wide range of different presents . Mainly wine and chocolate which of course I appreciate but I don’t drink very often so the wine goes to different family members to enjoy .

Over my years working in childcare I have seen a change in some people’s attitudes towards end of year gifts . I remember teachers/ early years workers being so grateful and appreciative. This is on the decrease if I’m honest it’s more about showing off what you have been brought.What parents brought you what ! Who got the most.

You see parents in the playground trying to go one better than each other .Showing off they have more money or they think more of their teacher ! It’s just another opportunity to make some parents feel inadequate.

Personally I would much prefer a child to draw me a picture or write me a thank you note. As I know the effort that would be involved in that plus it’s something that I can keep forever . I am one of those people who keeps everything . I have things in my house from children that went to school 4/5 years ago.

I have even had parents join together and buy the school/nursery a gift which I think is lovely . As children can benefit from this year after year.

As a parent though I do understand why some parents want to buy gifts .Especially if they are looking after your baby. Leaving your child with someone putting that trust into them is a huge thing. So it’s only natural you want to show them how much you appreciate it. I will openly say it now I’m getting Ava’s baby room staff a present .As I think the world of them and cannot thank them enough . Without the care and attention they give Ava it wouldn’t have been so easy to return to work.

Gifts for teachers

My one piece of advice is don’t get dragged into the showing off on the playground .Do what you want to do.Remeber a good teacher / nursery worker won’t be expecting anything. They won’t think any less of you if you don’t buy them anything.

What are you doing about end of year gifts for your children’s teachers ?

There is always the pressure to buy things for your children’s teachers at the end of the year . Should we really buy our teachers gifts ? #teachergifts #Endofyear #shouldwebuygifts #

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