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Making some small changes before our second baby comes along

My biggest fear about having another baby is that Ava will feel pushed aside . I know she won’t even be two but for nearly two years she has been the centre of our lives . The first grandchild on my side of the family and showered with love from Jordan’s side of the family . So I’m making a conscious effort to make some small changes now that need to be made . So Ava doesn’t feel like it’s all baby’s fault.

Small changes
The first change we made was putting her in a big girl bed . Before I knew I was pregnant I wasn’t really in any rush to do this I wanted to hold on to that baby a little longer . But now we have another baby on the way it just makes sense. We buy her a big girl bed and baby has her cot.

We have also made a conscious effort now to stick to a bedtime routine and it does make a difference . She is sleeping better through the night and spends less nights in our bed ! Thank the lord. So we’re going to make sure this is something that doesn’t change as why change something that works perfectly.

We have made this change well in advance of baby arriving so Ava doesn’t feel like baby has taken her bed . She has this new amazing room and so far it’s been so good. I think it’s important to take your existing children into account when planning things for your new arrival .

Second thing we have started to do is let her stay at my parents house a few times . I hate it don’t get me wrong but when the time arrives and I have to go into hospital I want the thought of going to nanny and grandads to be something that is normal. So she will already know where she will sleep .This new addition Ava has loved she loves being at her grandparents if I’m honest she would probably stay anywhere happily . I just want to know for my piece of mind that she is okay with it.

One of the biggest changes we are yet to make and I’m not sure how it will go. Is Ava will no longer go to nursery. She loves nursery but for me to take her there and back would take me 2 hours a day .

Normally this is fine as it’s my place of work but when I don’t have to make that journey. Getting two children out the house and to nursery for 9 doesn’t sound fun. I have thought about taking her somewhere closer to home but to be honest I want to spend time with her as well . As she will still only be little she has a lot left to learn and a lot I want to witness her learn . I have looked at all the toddler and baby groups on offer and will for sure make the most of these second time around . As I’m sure she will be bouncing off the walls before long.

So this change will take place as soon as I take maternity leave ! When that is I’m not too sure yet but will be a few weeks before baby arrives . We have however reduced her days at nursery as of September so hopefully it won’t be as bad for her when she doesn’t go anymore.

I’m sure we’re going to face a few more hurdles over the next few months . We as a family will just have to adjust to them and make sure Ava is ok with the changes . I suppose you cannot forward plan or predict everything !

have a new arrival on the way then you need to get your other children ready for the new arrival, Making chnages early before the baby is here will make things alot easier

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