Diono Quantum travel system review

A pushchair isn’t just a pushchair anymore it needs to be so much more . Gone are the days of big bulky travel systems. In are the days of clever pushchairs that flatten down to nothing just like the Diono Quantum.

We have been testing the Diono Quantum over the last few weeks and have been very impressed . I’m going to be honest it’s not a brand I had heard of before.But after doing some research into the company I could see they are a brand passionate about making life for parents that little bit easier.

Diono Quantum

So the Diono Quantum where to start there are a lot of positives to this travel system. Let’s start from the bottom

The wheels : These are great they are easily popped off meaning when you go out on adventures they can be easily cleaned afterwards. You can have them either to swivel or lock in place for when your on bumper terrain. The wheels made easy work of a walk along our local canal and didn’t buckle at any bumps in the path.

Diono Quantum


Clever breaking device: with just one foot you can activate the break. You just have to step on the white section of the bar.

Meaning no longer will you scuff your shoes trying to put the break on and off.

Diono Quantum

Folds away with just one hand: with just one hand you can fold and open the base. This takes minimal effort , you can collapse the base with the seat attached but I find this makes it Fairly bulky.

Diono Quantum

Adjustable handle height: No matter how tall or small you are you can adjust the handle so it is perfect for you. The only thing I would prefer is if he handle didn’t have a foam covering. As I have found these to keep the dirt on them and can get damaged pretty easy when being taken in and out of the car.

Bassinet and chair all in one section: yes you have read that bit right , I was amazed when I did this for the first time . In four simple clips the bassinet very easily converts into seat section. Meaning no longer will you pay out for a bassinet that you only use for a few weeks as they grow out of it.

Diono Quantum

Also really handy if you have both a baby and a toddler like I will .It means I can use the same pushchair for them both and won’t have to carry around a load of attachment. The only thing I will have to carry with me is the bassinet mattress.

To be fair when we went out the other week Ava fell asleep In the Quantum and I converted it to the bassinet and at 21 months she still looked comfy as anything.

Diono Quantum
The bassinet can be tilted in lie flat mode which will be so handy if baby has reflux as this is meant to ease it.

Once in the seat section it can be reclined into 3 different reclining positions . Which I found rather handy as it meant as Ava was falling to sleep I could gradually recline her meaning she didn’t wake up as soon as it was in the lie down position . To recline the chair you simply  have to Pull the white lever on the hood section and push or pull dependant upon what position you want the chair section to be in.

Diono Quantum

Storage: now taking one child out and about means a lot of bags , so I know taking two out will be a whole different ball game. Along with changing bags, coats , their favourite cuddly toy and for us Ava’s inhaler, it’s a lot of baggage . Thankfully the Diono Quantum has a huge basket and it’s easily accessible. It also has handy little elasticated loops to keep the car seat attachments in place.

I liked the fact that the basket had mesh sides so I could easily see what it was I wanted and go straight to it especially when Ava was shouting JUICE at me at the top of her voice !

It’s huge : now Ava’s not the biggest of children but she likes her space . The Quatumn is huge she can sit comfortably and not be restricted at all. It also feel really sturdy.

Diono Quantum

Even when going over bumps and uneven pathways on our walks with the dog. Yes it may be huge but don’t let it fool you it does go down to a fairly decent size to fit in the boot. We have a big boot in my car so it’s never an issue but Jordan can easily get it in his BMW boot with plenty of room to spare.

Diono Quantum

Easy to follow design: what I mean by this is if there is a section that moves or pushes or disconnects then it’s white and textured . Meaning you can go straight to the part and not look like newbie pushchair owner when you use it out and about.

The canopy: now for us this is one of the best features of the whole pushchair. We like to be out and about be it walking the dog or days out .Anyone who has tried to wrestle with a parasol will understand the need for this hood.

Ava’s pretty sensitive to the sun so this is great I can adjust the hood dependant upon how much of her I need covering. There is also a peak a boo window so when the hood is all the way down I can still check on her without having to move the hood. I also love the fact that there is mesh inside the hood meaning the air can circulate even when the hood is all the way down.

Ava is a hot sleeper and can wake up dripping in sweat but when she fell asleep in the Quantum Whilst on a walk she was fresh as a daisy when she woke up not sweaty or sticky at all.

To be honest I think the hood is the best feature and the amount of other parents on my Instagram that have shown much love for the hood is crazy.

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