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How to organise and tackle the housework

Recently I have become a little bit slack with the housework . Having so much on it’s hard to get it all done . Don’t get me wrong the house isn’t filthy. Just not as clean and tidy as I would like .

The other day I had organised for my mom to have Ava so I could catch up on things .  Not just cleaning but my uni work . As this is taking a bit of a back seat as well . The though of having a whole day cleaning made me sad . I get a child free day and I’m cleaning ! What am I playing at !

So I thought to myself right I’m going to do a bit each night . So when my mom has Ava I can catch up on uni work , watch some rubbish on telly thats not paw patrol and eat lunch by myself !! ( I cannot remember the last time this happened ! )

This then got me thinking why don’t I do this every week . So I sat down and made a table of all the things I needed to do in the week . Mainly the things I should be doing more of. Like picking up the dog mess or dusting under things and not just around them . Before someone come round ( please tell me I’m not the only one to do this )

To be honest it’s been really helpful. I have only put a few things each day to make sure I can complete them . That feeling at the end of the day when all my jobs are done is awesome . The geek in me really wants to laminate my table . So I can tick it off each week .

Hopefully putting this into place now will help when I’m back at work . When I will have even less time then I do now .

How do you keep on top of your housework ?
Sometimes a helping hand is needed and that’s nothing to be ashamed of . I wish I could have a cleaner come in from time to time . Mainly to do the jobs that I find a chore like the windows. Companies like are great for this.

Keeping on top of the house and looking after the kids can be hard. Here are my top ways to keep on top of the house work #housework #hacks #organised #keepontop

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