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What to pack in your hospital bag if you have a caesarean

Now with both Ava and Alby I didn’t know I was going to have a caesarean so I didn’t really pack all the things I needed. When you are having a Caesarean the things you need afterwards maybe a little different. So if I was to do it all again I would make sure I packed my bag just in case I ended up having a C section. ( By the way no more babies are in the future two is more than enough for me!). It doesn’t have to be a bag you take with you right away but a bag that your other half can pick up when needed.

Things to pack

  • big pants !! the bigger then better think Bridget Jones pants and then get bigger . These may just be big enough . There is nothing worse than having pants rubbing on your caesarean scar.big pants for Cesarean
  • Also while we on the subject of pants. I would highly recommend getting dark coloured pants . Even thought your baby didn’t come out of your bits you will still bleed heavily. First time around I really wasn’t prepared for the amount of blood I would lose. I thought as I didn’t give birth from down there that I wouldn’t have to deal with all of that how wrong was I . I remember first time around with Ava I was being moved to another ward and they got me to walk there. Well this was the first time I had walked anywhere since having my caesarean. Well it wasn’t the most attractive thing in front of Jordan’s brother and a whole load of random people on the ward I lost a lot of blood . All down my legs and on the floor ( Sorry TMI). This was normal blood loss as well ! oh and lots and lots of maternity pads the more brick like the better.
  • Nighties now I normally hate wearing anything like this but I lived in them for a while after having both kids. They were so comfy and didn’t rub on my scar. Also if your thinking of breast-feeding than ones that button up are great for easy access.
  • Enough clothes/nighties to last you and baby a few days. Now with Caesarean you’re not in and out normally you have to stay in for a few days. So your going to need a few changes of clothes for both you and baby. You may think that one outfit will be fine for you but when you have been sitting in the same clothes that may have baby sick, baby poo or wee on you will be grateful that you brought extras. Not to mention how hot it is in hospital so you can get very hot and sweaty.
  • Wipes of course you will have packed wipes for baby but what about yourself ? I took in some ” wet ones ” which were great as I could have a proper wash all over with these and I felt fresher and smelt a little better. Taking something like this in is great as you may not feel comfortable or able to show easily. There is nothing worse though then sitting there feeling like crap. At least with an all over body wash with a wipe and a brush of your hair you will feel a little bit more human.
  • Also as you will be staying in hospital a hair brush, tooth paste and tooth-brush and deodorant will be needed. I did take a towel also and some shower bits just incase I could manage a shower.
  • slippers The easier to get on the better the last  thing you want to be doing is bending down to try to put shoes on . Also thin about this when it comes to what you’re going to wear on your feet when coming home. Flip flops may be a good option.

easy to walk in after a cesarean

  • Something to keep you entertained Now most new-born babies sleep a lot and visiting times are only a few hours a day. So magazines, iPad , colouring in what ever keeps you entertained may be worth taking with you. Remember if you do pack electronics you have the charger. There is nothing worse than being half way through a program and your battery dies but then no one is coming to see you till tomorrow. Your hospital may have telly’s you can pay to use so a bank card may be useful.
  • I didn’t personally but i did see some woman use bendy straws to drink from . apparently they found it easier to drink from cups or bottles as they couldn’t sit up properly. I did also see some woman bring their own v shaped pillows from home to prop themselves up with.
  • The trapped wind you get after having a caesarean is awful they do say peppermint tea can help with this say you may want to pack some just incase.
  • You would have packed nappy sacs to use to dispose of your babies nappies but they are also great for using to dispose of your sanitary towel.
  • Some people do find that after an epidural they can be chilly so a scarf to put around your shoulders may be handy as you don’t have to twist and move to put it on like you would a cardigan.
  • Now I wish I had taken ear plugs in with me as sleeping in a ward full of other women and their babies can be hard. I wear one ear plug at home to sleep with cause of my partners snoring. So I’m used to sleeping with them in so I know I would have still heard my baby if they needed me. I did also see some women with face masks on as the lights can be on and off all night . I had a woman when I was in with Ava who used to put the main lights on all night long which was really annoying.
  • lastly as hospital food can be repetitive and sometimes not that nice. Snacks will be your savour a few nice treats and a few drinks will keep you going in between relatives coming and going.


I do want to say something to you don’t suffer in pain make sure you use your buzzer. Your not a burden to anyone they are there to help you so if you need the help make sure you call for them.

If you have had a caesarean do you think there is anything else you would need ?? please let me know if you think there is.

when you have a caesarean you will need to take differnt things in your hospital bag as one you will have a scar to think about and two because you will be staying in. Here are the things i took with me

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