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How to soothe a crying baby 

Being a new mom and now having to look after a new born it can be so overwhelming . I found the early days to be especially hard , when Ava would cry and I didn’t know what she wanted or how to soothe her . I thought I would put together a few ways that I soothed her when she was crying  . For parents out there who are pulling their hair out and looking for possible answers.

Every child is different so some of these may not work for you little one but hopefully one will 😊.


swaddling can help soothe a crying baby
When Ava Was very little we found this to be the most effective method and she still loves it now . We did buy a blanket that was made for swaddling but found that a normal blanket does the job also . The feeling of them being wrapped close and tight can soothe a little one straight away as they feel safe and warm. But make sure to keep a check that your little one is not to warm whilst being swaddled.

Do your checks

Sometimes a little one can be upset or crying because a number of different things these could be

  • Wind
  • Needing a nappy change
  • Hungry
  • Being to warm or too cold .

So make sure to check all of the above. when they are little you may feel that your are doing this check routine all the time . The more time you spend with your little one the more you will start to understand them and what there different crys or body language mean .

Helping them with wind 

We found that when Ava was little she would bring most of her wind up but sturuggled bringing it all up . So we found moving her legs like riding a bike would help her with this along with patting her back . Also we have found tummy time to be a good way to help her bring her wind up .

Lower the stimulation 

Sometimes little ones can become over stimulated. Sitting in a quite room with low lighting whist singing or reading a story to them can calm them down . Ava loves twinkle twinkle so singing this whilst having a cuddle Is always a winner in our house.

Having time to themselves 

We found that Ava sometimes just needed some time where she wasn’t being held . This is where the bouncer and baby swing came in really handy and she would spend ages in them and sometimes soothe her self to sleep .

crying baby made calm

Having a bath

Ava has loved being in the bath from day one . Even when she was having a right screaming match the bath would calm her down straight away .

take a bath to soothe a crying baby


Sometime a change in position can help calm your little one sometime just standing up and bouncing slightly will calm them down . If anything like me you will find yourself doing this even when your not holding them 🙈 .

Baby wearing 

I haven’t used this method to soothe Ava myself but many people that I know have used it to calm their little ones . Using a wrap or baby carrier so your little one feels close to you but you can have your hands free to do some of the jobs that may be piling up .

Music or womb noises 

We found that this along with swaddling To be the best way to soothe Ava . We even splashed out and brought Ewan the dream sheep which works a treat . The combination of different settings works really well.

soothing a crying baby
Sometimes just simply your little one may just want a cuddle.if you are finding it hard make sure to talk to your health visitor . Like Ava your little one may have a little bit of colic and may need some medicine.

I hope some of these methods help you 😊 let me know if you have any differnt methods to soothe a crying baby

when your baby is crying it can be really stressfull. Here are some ways that may bring comfort to your little one #parenting #babies #cryiing #soothe


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