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Today Ava had the dreaded injections poor thing . Thankfully all being well these will be her last ones until she is one .( now that is scary to think about her being one )

She was such a brave girl in total she had to have three injections . The first one she didn’t even,She just smiled at the lady as if nothing had happened .

Today was the first time Jordan was able to come with us because of work commitments and he couldn’t believe how brave she was . We joked that if she was older she would of more than deserved an icecream or sweets . To be honest I think I would of cried a lot more than she did and more than likely still be moaning about it now !.

Now I have got one snuggled little girl having cuddles before bed time . I just pray to God that she sleeps or it’s going to be one long night .

My advise to any parents taking there little ones for injections is not to think about it . If you do think about it just think about the need for them and how it will benift them . Otherwise you could be sitting there feeling horrid that you have put your little one through it .

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