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Things that I love about being a mommy so far !

The first thing has got to be waking up and seeing the little cheeky face each morning no matter how grumpy she may have been the day before or how many time she has woken me up in the night. seeing that face in a morning just lights  my world up I mean who wouldn’t want to see this cute little face every morning.


secondly many people find being a new parent quite isolating but in fact I have found it to be the total opposite. I cannot think of a day since I have been able to drive that me and Ava haven’t done something .May that be going to a baby group or meeting up with other parents that have children. This has had such a beneficial effect on Ava as she is such a sociable little girl and loves to be around other people.

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Next is not having the stress of work in my life. Being a nursery manager is hard, I took my work life home with me and who doesn’t. I would have a mountain of paper work to complete along with all the supervision meetings with staff. I mean don’t get me wrong I kept on top of it and always got stuff done. There were many a nights where I was answering emails at 12 o’clock or searching Pinterest for ideas of activities to do with the children . Where as now my only stress is will I get out the house without the dog running mud in my front room and Ava doing a poo that means she needs changing again !!.

I love the fact that this little human depends on me, I am there to fulfil her every need and there is nothing more satisfying then when you get to know your little one that well that you can tell by their cry and body language what it is she wants.

Shopping !!!- I cannot stop myself from buying things for her I mean every shop you go in there is a cute outfit for a girl with matching shoes !!. I love spending my money on her some may say she is spoilt as I like to buy the best that I can afford, but why shouldn’t I . If I didn’t have the money I wouldn’t so while I do have it I am going to shop shop shop. There may be a day where I wont be able to buy her all these extras so I am going to make the most of it  !.

The one thing I love the most is to see the bond my daughter has with her Daddy. I like to stand in my kitchen and listen to them chatter to each other .Jordan will sing her songs and she is laughing along this moment is priceless and one of the best thing about being a mommy is to know I have such a supportive partner and daddy for my daughter what more could you ask for !.

I’m sure to there will be many more things in the years to come so this list may be updated serval times 🙂 I’m looking forward to it all!.

A Cornish Mum

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