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Time for sleep

When I have spoken to many parents about their child’s sleep, It makes me realise that I am really lucky with Ava. Since having her I have only had a few really bad nights and not had that many days where I feel like a walking zombie ( Althought I may look like one at times !!). So many people are like you are so lucky what do you do to get her to sleep so well !!.

I thought I would let you all knows it’s nothing special or magical and it may be nothing that I do it may just be that I have a child that likes to sleep !!.

Firstly we have found routine to work really well for us making sure that she knows that its sleep time. Every other night she has a bath unless we have had a poo explosion  !!. When she was first born we brought into the whole buying the special bedtime bath lotions and bubbles. If I’m honest I don’t think this has made a difference we are now using Paddy’s bathroom products and she sleeps exactly the same !.

Every night we do use lotion on her to do a little massage as she loves this, most of all I think she likes to have a little time with no clothes on ( little ones just seem to love to be naked!). We then turn all the lights off and sit and give her a bottle whilst having a nice cuddle in her room. We used to just give her room temperature milk but have found recently that she settles really quick and sleeps better when she has had a warm bottle. The warm milk also makes her nice and sleepy and ready for bed. We then put her in her bed with Ewan the dream sheep on and she is soothed into a nice sleep. I occasionally have to go up and put her dummy in if she wakes up but normally she is in the land of nod for 8!. I may have to once in the night go and put Ewan on and put her dummy in and she is straight back off !.

Don’t get me wrong we have had some nights were this just doesn’t happen and she is still having a wriggle around at half 8 . Especially recently when she has had injections or is teething as this seems to put her out of sync.

I’m just hoping that she carry’s on enjoying her sleep and letting me sleep too.

time for sleep Tired little girl
Time for sleep fast asleep thanks to Ewan the Dream sheep

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