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Where has my baby gone !!

The amount of people that have said to me cherish these first years as it will go so fast is unbelievable. I didn’t really understand what they¬†meant until now !. I thought that Ava would stay this little baby for ages but this is not the fact.

Over the weekend Ava has learnt to roll half way !! ( all the way is just so much hard work !!) at the time it was so exciting, we were both sat there cameras at the ready to capture this on film to show everyone and to have for ever to watch back. The more and more I thought about it the sadder I got that my little princess was growing up.

I can no longer put her on her changing unit whilst I run for a wee !! or get dressed or put her on our bed whilst I get ready in the morning !!. I am going to have to find a new strategy of containing her , ( this is where our Mommas and Pappas snug will come in so handy). The saddest thing of all is that we lowered her bed onto the second stage last night just in case and it just makes her cot look so grown up !!. were has my baby gone !!.

I have sat there many of days getting excited about when I can start giving her food or when she will crawl or walk , but now all I want is to keep her little keep her my little baby . Its so hard , I have grown her in my tummy for over 9 months and in less than 4 months she has changed so much she has got such a personality always smiling and laughing.

I am looking forward to her growing up but in a way I think I will miss this baby stage when she is dependant on me to do everything for her .

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