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Our little puppy Milo gone but never forgotten

A year ago we lost the best little puppy anyone could ever ask for !! . Growing up i was never aloud a pet as my mom is sooooo house proud and anyone who has got a pet knows that they can be messy little things .

So we had looked forever thinking about what dog we wanted , as soon as we saw the advertisement for milo I fell in love straight away !! . Milo was half jack Russell half pug making him a jug and the cutest thing I have ever seen . When we went to look at him I was so excited and couldn’t wait to bring him home so we took him home straight away. ( we had only been in our new house for 6 months and it still didn’t feel like home ). As soon as we brought Milo home it felt more homely straight away.

He was such a good little puppy don’t get me wrong the first few weeks of training him was so hard ( having puppy poo and wee on the carpet was not fun ). We were getting there he was able to do the basic tricks and was getting good at using his puppy pad or going outside for the toilet .

Anyone who met milo fell in love him straight away he was so full of energy and was so loving more like a cat curling up on your lap at night to go to sleep 😍.

He loved to go in the car and where ever I went Milo came with me , he loved to go to my mom and dads house where he got spoilt . Considering my mom wasn’t a dog person she really did love the little chap .

Not only did he make our house a home he got me and Jordan active taking him on all these amazing walks to woods and big open fields . He loved to be off the lead and explore his surroundings . So this time last year it was a lovely sunny bank holiday weekend so we look him to our local dog walking field where lots of dogs go and can be off the lead to play together .

So when taking him for a walk at his favourite park and only being 8 months old the last thing we thought was that we wouldn’t be bringing him home. Milo was running around the field like a mad head with another dog as he always did . Then very unlike him he came and sat next to me . The next thing we knew he went limp and lay on the floor next to us .

We quickly bundled him into the car , took him to Jordan’s nan’s house around the corner for help as we knew something was wrong , but it was too late our little man had allready gone ! . I don’t know how I did the next bit but i drove him to the emergency vet with the hope that he was going to be ok but deep down we knew he had gone .

As soon as we walked in the vet told us the news that we knew was coming but we didn’t want to hear .

Going home was horrid everything reminded us of him and all we could do was cry ! . How could our little puppy be taken from us so early .

As the days past and I started to come to terms with it.All i could think was at least he had gone doing something he loved playing with other dogs . We have now found out that milo had a heart condition that we never knew about and it would of happened at some point . In a way I’m glad we never knew as we would of wrapped him in cotton wool and he would of never experienced half of the things that he did .

There is not a day that i don’t think about him and how I wished he would of met Ava and I know he would of loved her. We are just so lucky to have had him for the 6 months we did . If you have never lost a pet you will never understand how horrible it is and I have met many people that don’t
understand how painful it is .

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  • Debbie

    Hi Jessica, that must have been so heart breaking. It’s bad enough having to say goodbye to an old dog, when it’s expected, so I can’t imagine what it must have been like losing Milo in such an unexpected way.

    You’re right that people who have never loved and lost a pet, cannot imagine what it is like.


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