Fashions come and go – what fashion I remember from the 90’s

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Have you ever gone out and brought something nice to wear. Wear it around your parents and they say gosh I remember that the first time around ! Yep this happens to me pretty often not just with my mom but with older relatives. This got me thinking what trends from my years growing up might possibly come back into fashion. If I’m honest not all of them should but at the time we all thought they were amazing. Lets take a walk down nostalgia lane and see what we find.


Jelly shoes

Now I have actually worn these twice growing up . The first time I must of been about 7/8 as I remember wanting to wear them to school. We felt so grown up as they had a little heel on them. I remember the day school said we could wear them with our summer dresses. It was like the best thing ever and we all strutted around the playground thinking we were amazing. Like I said I did wear them twice and I’m not ashamed to say it was only a few years ago . This was whilst on my sister in Law’s hen do. They were the exact same shoe I had when I was younger but obviously bigger. With the glitter going through them, that horrid cheap plastic smell. But oh my they were so comfy and if I could pull it off I think I would wear them at home in the summer. Jordan may disown me but it may be worth it !

Platform trainers

Now the Spice girls have a lot to answer for with these. Every girl wanted to be a member of the spice girls and any wannabe spice girl needed a pair of platform trainers. Now the amount of times I went over on my ankle on these was crazy. Even from a young age you do anything to be fashionable even if it does mean nearly breaking your ankle.


PVC backpack

I remember my granddad getting me one of these from the market. You had to blow it up it was just the coolest thing ever. It came in any colour you could think of and you had to have them all . I also remember having a matching blow up chair !!


Now there was a lot going on with the hair when I was growing up. I think I did more to my hair then than I do now. From hair mascara to butterfly clips and scrunches. I think I had a scrunches in ever colour to match every outfit . But the one hair thing that sticks in my mind the most is the hairband with your name on. I mean you were the coolest girl in primary school if you had one of these ! Normally brought on your holiday to Spain in the summer. It would never last until your next holiday as it would either snap in half or your name would slowly peal off .

So here are my top things I remember from the 90’s fashion. Well if you can call it fashion I wonder how many of them will come round again. Will I be buying Ava platform trainers in a few years ? I do bloody hope not.

What fashion item stick out from your childhood ? Take a look at this infographic below from Chums it may bring back some memories for you.

fashion through the years



fashions change so much over the years but they do come back around. Here are my 90's fashion items #fashion #90's #throwback


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