How my social life has changed from wine to cups of tea.

When I was in my late teens and early twenties I would spend most weekends out with my mates . This would normally be alcohol fuelled followed by a day in bed nursing the worlds worst hangovers . Every time vowing never to drink again .

how your social life can change

Then from out of nowhere I seemed to of outgrown this and swapped my nights out to nights in on the sofa. This may have been because I was in a happy relationship and couldn’t stand the sleezey men when I was out . Or because I had my own home and didn’t have or want to waste money on drink and normally rubbish nights out.

Like I said my weekend nights have changed completely and to be honest I really enjoy it I couldn’t do it now I would be off my feet for days. When your a parent this isn’t really an option so big nights out are limited unless I have childcare the next day . So I can feel sorry for myself in bed without Ava being around. I must add the last time I had a big night out was before I was pregnant the second time around so don’t worry I’m not drinking whilst pregnant !

My glasses of wine have been swapped for cups of tea or a hot chocolate if I’m treating myself ( gosh when did I get so old !). I’m now that sad person who gets excited when the x factor or Britain’s got talents starts as I know I now have something to watch. I have become a serial television watcher, I literally have watched most programs on the telly and we have Sky so that’s a good effort. I did also go through a bit of a phases of treating myself every now and again to online games like Bingo ! using sites like Bingo Kings to find the best deals out there.

how your social life can change

I see people the same age as me still carrying on like we did when we were 18 and you know what I feel sorry for them. Sorry that they haven’t got this great family life like I do . Sorry that they still feel the need to go out all the time and then plaster it all over Facebook. As if they are trying to make a point to everyone that they are so happy carefree! you know what though I bet they are looking at my newsfeed thinking when the hell did she get so boring, When was the last time she didn’t have her hair in a mum bun or went out the house without snot on her. Well the answer is I have fun in different ways who knew meeting a fellow mom at a soft play area could make your day especially if there is nice cake. And the last time I went out without snot on me was nearly 2 years ago when Ava was still a twinkle in my eye lol.


Do you miss your old social life or like me do you actually quite like the sofa and a cup of tea ?

*This is a collaborative post*

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