Protect Yourself: The Challenges Mums Face

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When you’re a mum, there’s a lot of things you find you have to battle against. Sometimes, it seems like the world is out to get you and to put you down all the time. But if you know how to arm yourself against all the people and things trying to trip you up, you can survive and thrive much more successfully. The things you need to protect yourself from as a mother range from society judgements to physical threats, and resisting them is important both for yourself and your family. If you want to make life better for yourself and those you love, you should address the following issues to address yourself. In order to have a happy life and family.

Protecting Yourself from Judgement

Any mother (in fact, any woman) knows that there are always people waiting to judge you. Do you breastfeed or bottle feed? Do you let your kids have sweets? How do you respond to a tantrum in public? Everyone has their own opinions on how to do things best, and many of them can’t wait to express them, whether they’re wanted or not. Sometimes judgements on your parenting come directly from others, and other times they might come from society as a whole. Having the right attitude and reaction towards being judged can be hard, but it’s important to learn to deal with it. Ultimately, you have to get on with doing things the way you think they should be done.

In the Workplace

Being a working mother is tough, but many do it every day. Still, you need to know how to protect yourself in the workplace. In the UK, the laws on how pregnant women and parents should be treated are fairly clear, and better than many other countries. However, many women still find themselves facing discrimination and problems at work when they’re pregnant or a parent. One way to protect yourself is to know the law so that you can ensure your employer follows it. HR and employment law companies like Ellis Whittam can help with this, and you can also check the government website. You should know about things like maternity leave, talking about your family when looking for a job, and taking time off to care for your children.

Financial Protection

protect yourself finacialy
Money tends to be a worry for just about anyone, parent or not. However, as a mother, your money worries can change. You have a family to think about, as well as yourself. You might not be working, or you could be earning significantly less than your partner, or less than you would if you weren’t a parent. It’s especially important for stay-at-home mums to protect themselves financially since they’re completely reliant on their partner’s income. However, working mums also need to consider financial protections, since their income contributes to the household and is often even the main source of money. One way to protect yourself financially is to consider insurance policies, such as income protection and life insurance. Savings are also a good idea.

Self-defense and Protection from Crime

protect yourself
Everyone could potentially be a victim of crime, but becoming a parent can make you more aware of various dangers. Women can be more vulnerable to certain types of crime anyway, and if you’re out with your children, that can make you a target too. For example, a frazzled mum could be seen as an easy target for a pickpocket. Being aware of the dangers you can face without being too paranoid is a delicate balance that can be hard to get right. Taking steps to protect yourself can include educating yourself on being vigilant or even taking self-defence lessons.

Protection from Illness

No one wants to be ill, but mums especially don’t want to have to suffer through an illness. It’s not possible to completely avoid all illness, and there are some things that just happen. But you can still try to look after yourself so you can stay as healthy as possible. Making the right lifestyle choices can help you be healthy so you can be there for your children as much as possible.

Protection from Yourself
Sometimes, your greatest enemy is yourself. We can all be very unkind to ourselves, putting down our thoughts, feelings and actions. Self-sabotage isn’t inevitable, though. You can protect yourself from the damage you do to yourself with the right attitude. It’s important to work on your self-esteem and confidence and to tell yourself that you deserve good things and that you’re a good parent.
When it seems like the whole world is out to get you, you need to combat that feeling. Sometimes you should do it be addressing your thoughts, and sometimes you can take more practical measures.

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