My fondest memories growing up: school trips 

This is a collaborative post.

I remember being at school and being given a letter for  school trips . It was like the most exciting thing ever .

When I was around 10 maybe we went on a school trip to Liverpool .We visited the docks museums and generally going a little bit of sight-seeing your .

school trips
As with all school trips our parents had given us some spending money to go mad with in a gift shop . Well a few of us thought we were really cool and got some joke cigarettes. You know the ones that had talc in so it looked like you were smoking. Well being the ‘cool’ people we were we sat on the back of  the bus pretending to smoke . The funny thing was one of the parent helpers saw us and came marching down the coach . Screaming her head off only to find out they were joke ones and was completely embarrassed. She didn’t look at any of us for ages. 

I remember when I was in primary school you couldn’t wait till you got to year 4 so you could go on the activity holiday. White water rafting, rock climbing, school sports tours and also archery.

school trips
It was amazing the first time away from our parents in a dorm with your mates . Life was good especially when you got to spend your pocket-money in the tuck shop . Which would make you high on sugar and bouncing off the walls. How the teachers coped year after year I will never know . I can tell you know if they still do it when Ava goes to school and want parent helpers I won’t be helping.

Another big one I remember was taking a trip to Paris .I was probably around 13 when I went to Paris with school .

school trips
It was full of funny memories from finding out two teachers were in fact  dating ! To being rebellious teenagers and trying to find anything alcoholic to drink . We were given all of an hours freedom in a few shops in Paris and we thought it would be good to try to buy some alcohol. Now many places laughed us out the door . Until we struck lucky and managed to get a few cans of beer . That night in our room we downed the beers . Which resulted in one girl having a mental break down and locking herself in the toilet. Oh to be a teenager again.

We would regularly visit Alton towers on school trips as it was only down the road. This would normally be the end of year trip In high school.

Looking back I must have been hard work growing up ! Hopefully Ava’s not like this ! Who am I kidding she so will be.

Do you have any fond memories of school trips ?

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