5 Tyre Care Tips Every Family Driver Should Know

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If you drive with your family for daily chores or recreational trips – you need to be cautious about your tyres. The way you keep your tyres, defines your overall vehicle health. Most of the times, caring for the tyres goes in the backdrop because we pay more attention on other things like: car’s interior or fancy car accessories. If you are someone who likes decorating their car, that is a good thing but even if your interior is on point, you cannot have a safe drive if the tyres are not correct. Local areas like Birmingham (Midlands) have busy roads, including: A34, A49 and M6 etc. Being stuck with bad tyres on crowded roads can really be a gruesome nightmare.

Tyre care

Follow these simple steps for performing easy tyre care at home:

Tyre Pressure Check

You have to check the pressure in your tyres and it has to be the optimum level at all times. If your tyres have a pressure which is below the normal range, you will end up with a flat tyre. If it is more than what is required, issue of over inflation can happen: again leading the tyre to burst. Tyre pressure monitoring systems are available with many garages and you can get a good assessment of your required tyre pressure with them. 

Buying right tyres from local garages

Buying the right tyres can be a difficult choice but if you have chosen the right fitter, 90% of your problems will fade away. Professional staff is equipped to serve their customers effectively and there are many reliable local tyre fitters in local areas like Birmingham. One such popular garage for tyres in Birmingham is Point S and you can explore their site here.

Monitor your tyres visually

This is a very basic tip: You should monitor your tyres at home and always visually check their health. This includes checking their surface for any cuts or marks and also notice if there are any uneven parts on the surface/grip

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