Apple Iphone 7 Samsung S8 which is the best for a blogger ?

I have been using an iPhone for the last 5/6 years and I have always said I would never change it for a different brand. I do everything on my phone , I do a lot of my social media coverage for my blog on my phone . I occasionally write the odd blog post from my phone. So I need a phone that can keep up with my life. The other thing is we have a lot of Apple products in our house and they link together seamlessly . So the thought of changing my phone does scare me a little . But I have been set a challenge from the lovely people over at Three. To see if I actually do love the iPhone or if I’m just so used to it now I’m blinked to what else is on the market.

Iphone 7 vs samsung S8

So for the last month now I have been trying out the Samsung S8. It did take me a long time to get used to how the phone works. I would swipe and things would pop up from all directions. After I had been using it for a while I did get more confident with the phone but did find it more confusing than the IPhone. This may be because I am so used to IPhone’s layout and shortcuts. That anything different just baffles me. There was however some things I really liked about the S8 and the first things was the Camera.



Being a blogger having a good camera to hand is really important . I’m updating pretty regularly on my Instagram stories what were up to and there is nothing worse than a fuzzy image. I do find that my front Camera ( just above the screen) on my iPhone is a little rubbish. The picture quality on the iPhone 7 isn’t the best if I’m honest . I know that the newer models do have a lot better picture quality than the iPhone 7. The Samsung really impressed me with how good the images are. There are loads settings you can use , making sure the light is balanced to smoothing your face ! ( I do like this one). Take a look below at the difference between the two cameras. I took both pictures of Ava at the park on the phones both at the same time. The difference is huge I think , they were both just on the basic settings , so just point and click.

I also do a lot of my photo editing on my phone I have lots of different apps for this on my iPhone . As I’m not 100% happy with any of the inbuilt filters. Below you can see the same picture edited on both phones.

I found the S8 had a wider range of filters and your able to edit these filters easily. Giving you the results your after without having to have an app to do this with. I did like the fact I didn’t have to switch between apps to edit the picture to how I liked it. I much preferred editing pictures on the S8. Which for me is a big thing as I edit all my picture before they go on my blog. So they are the best version it can possibly be.

We are the generation for selfies and this is rubbing off on even the youngest of children. Ava loves to take a selfie or two. We did this on both phones to see if there was a difference in the cameras on the screen side.

Both phones were on the basic setting and I personally think the quality of the S8 photos are much better. They are brighter and clearer to see. This is a big positive as if I ever take pictures with the kids they are this way. So to have better quality photos would be great.

Video quality

Along with photos I like to capture the kids growing up on video. I share a lot of these videos over my social media pages. So I want them to look good as well. When I say look good I mean I want the video the be clear and crisp. I didn’t realise how bad the video quality was on my IPhone until I started to compare the two phones. Take a look at this short video underneath to see the difference in the quality.


On my iPhone I have set up the finger print recognition . I find this really easy to use and it works straight away . I do also have a number combination password on my phone but that’s very rarely used I just have it on for that added bit of protection .

The S8 has a ;

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