Pets and babies

When I found out I was pregnant and we started to tell people ,what I heard quite a lot of the time is so are you getting rid of the dog or remember never leave the dog alone with the baby ( like I would do that ) . This came quite frustrating as Kya ( that’s our dog ) was there before we knew I was pregnant and she is one of the family not something I would just toss out when we had enough of her !! .

The last few months of my pregnancy having a very hyper dog was getting hard . I hate to say it but sometimes I did think how am i going to do this !!. The one thing we did to prepare Kya for the new arrival was letting her go into the baby’s room and have a sniff at all the new and exciting things.

I remember on the way home from hospital I was worried about this first meeting and how excited Kya would be . Well in fact I don’t know what I was worries about Kya was amazing !!! . We put Ava in her car seat in the middle of the room. Kya went over to her had a good sniff then went off and did her own thing !!.

Don’t get me wrong there has been time since where I have thought how am I going to do this like when Kya is being really kind and wants Ava to have her bone !! 🙈, but the answer is still the same she is one of the family and as we have got to learn all these new things about our baby so has Kya .

In fact Ava loves her follows her walking around the room and laughts and smiles at her which is really cute , best friends for life I think ♥️.


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