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3 year engaged and still no wedding plans made

In December 2016 Jordan proposed to me in the most loveliest way ever . It was really a magical moment we had put the Christmas tree up making the house feel all festive. Then he comes down with Ava in a baby grow saying Mommy will you marry my Daddy ? It was just so beautiful and I couldn’t of asked for a more magical way of him asking me to marry him.

Proposal and a 3 year engagement

Nearly three years on and we haven’t made any plans for a wedding . When I say any plans I mean none we haven’t had the urge to look at venues. I haven’t been dreaming of going wedding dress shopping nothing . Now that’s not because we don’t want to get married but some times life is just so busy . Life takes over and let’s face it weddings are expensive no matter how you do them they are an additional expense and one which we really haven’t had the money for . I know that sounds awful but we have got some very valid reasons I promise.

A year after Jordan proposed to me we welcomed our second bundle of joy , well I should say bundle of crazy ness was born . So with a new baby on the way it really wasn’t the time . I didn’t want to be pregnant at my wedding . I wanted to enjoy it as much as I could.

 New Additions

With our family growing we soon came to the decision that our house was getting too small for us . So just before Alby was born we put our house on the market . Which was a complete emotional rollercoaster if I’m honest and the thought of planning a wedding at the same time would of done me in.

We eventually got a new house and have been spending what money we have on doing bits around the house . To make our new house a home.

New house

We have more recently started to talk more about our wedding. Saying we really should at least start thinking about what we want . We both know we don’t want anything massive. We just want people we love there . I don’t want to invite a random second cousin that I haven’t seen since I was 5 just because we should as they are family.

Jordan’s pretty set on wanting to get married abroad . Which if I’m honest I was all for . Then I get the little niggles of ‘oh but so and so won’t be able to come because they don’t like flying or may not be able to afford it’. I also don’t want to put a huge money burden on family members and close friends to have to pay to come to our wedding aboard.

But then when I see all these weddings in the sun . Beautiful sunsets and amazing photos and memories it makes me want to do it . I think I just need to stop thinking about everyone else and do what I want to do. If people come then fantastic if not then that’s fine as well. As I will be marrying the man I love and my children will be there .

We did go to a wedding party on the other weekend of one of my closets friends and her husband . Who actually got married in Disney and had a party back home for everyone to come together and celebrate their marriage. Which I really liked the idea of . Which may be something that we could actually do . Plus you get to wear your dress twice which is always a good thing.

The main reason why me and Jordan haven’t really jumped head first into wedding planning. Is because we have a beautiful family . We aren’t waiting to get married to have that we have it already and no matter what Jordan will be in my life forever. As we have two children together . For me marriage is just a piece of paper . The only thing that gets me about not being married to Jordan is that I don’t have the same last name as him and my children . Being referred to as Mrs Davies when I’m actually not isn’t nice . I have had this mainly at the doctors and hospital when they haven’t read the notes fully when in there with the kids.

I know the day will come and it will be magical . I’m looking forward to it don’t get me wrong but for the last 3 years we have been content with how we are and have had lots of changes . So who knows in 3 years time we may be married ! Will have to wait and see.

3  years engaged and still no wedding plans but that’s fine I’m totally happy and here’s why . #wedding #engaged #engagment #weddingday #noplans #weddinginthesun #weddingdecisions

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