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Irregular periods after having a baby

I know all to well how pregnancy can change your body . For one moment I didn’t expect that my body would still be changing 18 months on . Since having Alby I have had heavy irregular periods . I wasn’t on any form of contraception to control my periods either as I wanted to get back into my normal cycle naturally. I really don’t like taking any form of medication unless it’s completely necessary.

Irregular periods after having a baby

As the months passed by I noticed that my periods were getting heavier and heavier . To the point where I was worrying about going out the house . For the fear of being away from a toilet and leaking. This happened a few times but thankfully at home . It just took me back to being younger when my periods first started . How insecure and nervous I was about the whole thing . It was a horrible place to be both mentally and physically.

Then around may/ June time 18 months after giving birth . I had a period which lasted a whole month and only stopped because of me taking a contraceptive pill . I was drained and exhausted all the time and was having constant headaches.

As the weeks got on I was getting more and more concerned but still shrugged it off . Thinking to myself I really haven’t got time to deal with this let alone try and get a doctors appointment. So I turned to Doctor Google which was the worst thing you can do in any situation. Having a look through the reason why women can have prolonged periods just made me feel ill . Especially as one reason could of been because of cervical cancer . Which is something my family has had to go through with grandparents . Que to panic !

I eventually went to see the doctor and she recommended that I went back on the pill to see if it could regulate my periods . She then went on to say if it didn’t I would have to go back for swabs and tests. She did also say I could try different medical methods to control my periods but for me the pill is the way I wanted to go. The thought of having the implant makes me fell a bit ill . If I was to catch it or touch it and feel it I don’t think I would be able to cope with that.

Contraception  to control  irregular periods

Going on the pill wasn’t something I wanted to do if I’m honest for many reasons . Mainly because in the past I have put weight on and also had really bad skin problems due to being on the pill which made me really self conscious . But if it was the solution to my problem then I needed to give it a try.

I’m now three months on from starting taking the pill and thankfully my periods are a lot better. The pill has made it more regular and lighter. The doctors said it’s really common for women to experience heavier irregular periods once they have had babies. Yes my skin has gone rubbish which isn’t doing a lot for my self esteem but I’m happier that I don’t have to worry about constant bleeding and heavy periods.

I have just changed my pill to see if a different pill will help with my skin. So I’m just hoping that it helps with the breakouts I’m having at the moment. I was originally on Rigevidon and now I’m going to try Microgynon.

It’s just really crazy that 18 months after having a baby my body is still changing. It’s something I really didn’t expect.

do you know what else had changed a lot since having children is my eye sight. After Ava I started to wear my glasses more and more and I can

Did you find your periods were different after having babies did you have irregular periods ? What helped your body get back to normal ?

After having babies your body your body continues to change and this  can still be happening 18 months on. From heavy periods to irregular periods it can all happen #postnatal #newmom #afterbirth #periods #contraception #birthcontrol

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