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Today I wrote my birth plan let’s hope it all goes to plan.

When I was pregnant with Ava I did a birth plan like you do with every pregnancy . But there really wasn’t any point to writing it as nothing I wanted happened due to having an emergency c section . As I like to put it all my birth plans just went out the window.

So when I was told today that I was going to write my birth plan with my midwife. I really just thought what is the point in this . I think because of my birth with Ava I’m just don’t think this one will be easy and that saddens me . I would love to write this perfect birth plan and for it all to happen how it’s meant to happen. But let’s face it most things in life don’t go how we want them too.

writing my birth plan

However writing my birth plan did make me think a few things over . Things I haven’t really taken into consideration.

The first one being if I’m happy for students to be present. I’m all for on the job training and let’s face it how are people going to learn if they don’t get the chance to try . Throughout my pregnancy I have been more than happy for students to take my bloods . So why not let them be present at the birth . Hopefully them learning things from my birth will enable them to deal with things once they are qualified.

writing my birth plan

I was also asked what type of pain medication I was happy to take . I did at this point out I didn’t want to be given pethidine as I had read about people being really sick from it and spaced out not in control of their labour. Also if given at the wrong time Pethidine can make your baby drowsy and I don’t want him to enter the world high on drugs.

The midwife also asked if Jordan would want to cut the cord if there was the opportunity . Now this is something me and Jordan hadn’t really spoke about . So at least planning my birth brought this up so we could have the conversation. Jordan’s not sure what he wants to do about this . But I’m sure it’s one of those things that once you’re in the moment you will either want to cut it or not . I wouldn’t think any different of him if he didn’t I think it’s nice he gets the option to.

We also spoke about how I was going to feed baby . You know what I was dreading this conversation as some people can be overly opinionated with how you should feed you baby. But you know what she was lovely . She said what ever you choose to do just make sure it works for you and baby . Which really reassured me and she also said I’m aloud to change my mind so don’t worry if it do .

I think the last thing I really had an opinion on was having skin to skin . When I had Ava via c section they didn’t let me do the skin to skin straight away. They took her off wrapped her up then gave her to Jordan . I found this so upsetting and thankfully Jordan gave her to me. So this time around I want to make sure that I get this opportunity straight away no matter how my birth goes.

writing my birth plan

It did make me laugh though as the midwife was talking about how important it is to talk to your newborns for their brain development . She then turned and looked at Ava who at this point was chatting away to herself . Whilst wearing a stethoscope and checking her own chest. The midwife chuckled and went I can see she is spoken to a lot so I don’t think we will have any issues on that part . Which was nice to hear.

So even though at the start I though it was a pointless activity . Actually writing my birth-plan made me think more in-depth about things . Also consider some things I hadn’t thought of . I have also got an appointment next week at the hospital to talk further about my birth plans . An opportunity to ask them any questions I may have which weirdly I’m looking forward to.

Did you find writing your birth plan beneficial ?
Did your birth go to plan ?


writing my birth plan what things did i have to consider and did anything change

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