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Eating out on Christmas day , why we do it

When you think of having Christmas dinner . Do you think about someone stressing in the kitchen because the potatoes wont go right. Or the turkey wont fit in the oven because yet again dad ordered one too big for the oven. Well not me when I think of Christmas dinner. I think about going out to a nice restaurant and having it all done for me.

Christmas dinner

I’m not the worlds best cook if I’m honest.I couldn’t think of anything worse than spending half the morning in the kitchen cooking. I want to be there to witness Ava open all her presents. I don’t want to be told that she had a nice time playing with her new toys. Or half conversations as I run back in the kitchen to sort the vegetables out. Which I know I wont be eating later as me and veg just don’t really go together.

For the last 8/9 years I think we have been out for Christmas dinner apart from the year we were waiting for Ava to arrive. I just like the fact that we can take the morning as we want . Then get in the car and go and have food cooked for us, drinks poured for us and literally not have to lift a finger. Gosh that really doesn’t sound good I’m not a snob I promise !

Eating out on Christmas day is something my family love to do and as me and Jordan have been together longer his family have joined in too. Which is lovely especially now we have Ava as she can see both sides of the family and have a lovely time. I think if I’m honest were a bit unusual when it comes to this. As I know so many of my friends would never have their two families together. But for us it works, we all get on so I suppose that a good starting point.

Christmas dinner 2017

I know your probably sitting their thinking yes it sounds lovely but surely it costs you an arm and a leg. Which yes I suppose it is more expensive then cooking at home. But if your smart about it and save all year round you really don’t notice it. Also its a time for indulging and having a good time. So why not treat yourself to some nice food and family time. Plus no longer will there be arguments over who is going to do the washing up.

Where do you have your Christmas dinner ?? would you ever consider eating out at a restaurant on Christmas day?  

For the past few years now we have eaten out for christmas dinner and this is why

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