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My experience of having Covid-19 and not displaying any of the three main symptoms

I have spoken to so many people who have had COVID-19. Each person has experienced different symptoms has recovered differently. For some there are more long term effects. These people range from early 20’s to 60 plus. It’s affecting a lot of people and each person has their own story. So I thought I would share mine . As maybe someone is feeling the same but because they don’t have the three main symptoms they think they are fine. Just going about their daily life.


Isolation period started

My isolation period started because I had been in contact with someone who had tested positive for COVID-19 . This in itself was a worrying situation to be in . It was my first real dealings with Covid myself. Like it had hit me in the face that it was circulating around me.

We have been really careful for the last year. The weeks leading up to this . I had been at work where I had weekly lateral flow Covid-19 tests all being negative. I had shopped in one shop that was next to my work as I didn’t want to be going in and out of loads of shops so kept it to one shop in one area. An area which before lockdown had only just gone into tier three .

I actually live in a different area to where I work only a half hour drive but prior to lockdown we were in tier four . Which meant that there are lots of testing places available. Which can be booked really easily and normally within a hour of you trying to book.

I got tested

So for piece of mind for my family and our childcare bubble. I booked myself a test . At this point I wasn’t displaying any symptoms what so ever. The evening of the day I had my test I did start to have a headache and feel a bit crappy . But I put this down to my mind running away with me just because I had been for a test that day.

The next day I got my results and I was positive. Emotion just took over me and I cried . For fear I may become really poorly or even worse the kids may be ill . That I may have unknowingly given it my parents when I got Alby from them a few days prior. We had no food in the house as it was shopping day. Then the dread of having the kids at home for 10 days, not being able to walk the dog . Jordan having the work from home. My income taking a hit . Basically every thought possible ran through my head and it was all a bit much.

COVID-19 test results

After a talking to from my parents I pulled myself together and put things into motion . I got shopping sorted which was easier said then done . As there were no time slots available for delivery only click and collect. Thankfully though my parents pay for a Morrison’s delivery pass and they were able to get us a delivery for the next day.

I then had the hard conversation with the kids that they won’t be going to nursery or school. That we had to stay in the house because of the germs. I didn’t want to tell them that I had these germs we had been telling them about as I didn’t want to worry them. They took it well and to be honest the 10 days wasn’t half as bad as I expected . I think the lockdowns and restrictions over the last 12 months have helped with this . As they are used to spending prolonged periods of time at home.

Now the days blurred into one long day so I couldn’t tell you how I felt on certain days but the different symptoms shall we call them were

My COVID-19 symptoms

  • Tiredness
  • Dry sore eyes
  • Pins and needles feeling in my mouth
  • Achy muscles
  • Sore and stiff neck

The tiredness was hard to deal with . Jordan was working from home so I had to occupy both kids from home. Most of Ava’s homeschooling was done from the sofa. I would try and get most of it done in the morning. So the afternoons I could lie on the sofa and just chill out or even had a cheeky nap if I could.

I would fall asleep on the sofa most nights watching telly which isn’t something I normally do . It felt no matter how much sleep I got I still felt shattered. Three weeks on after testing positive I’m still feeling tired. Not as bad as I was but I haven’t got all my energy back.

Now the dry sore eyes actually started before I got my positive test result but I didn’t think anything of it. In the mornings I would wake up with crusty eyes like conjunctivitis. This went on for about a week in total. Then the skin around my eyes were just really dry and sore so I have been having to moisturise this area pretty frequently. To stop the skin drying up and becoming sore.

The pins and needles feeling in my mouth is the only way I could explain this strange sensation I have been feeling. After some reading apparently it’s been called Covid tongue. With a discolouration to the tongue and a weird sensation is something to do with the tastebuds becoming exposed. This is still something I’m experiencing not all the time but every now and again. Especially when I’m thirsty it seems to happen . It’s one of the weirder symptoms I have experienced and like nothing I have had before.

Now the sore aching muscles was probably up there with one of the worst pains I have had. The pain was mainly focused around my neck and shoulders. I was having to walk around with a hot water bottle on my neck just to ease the pain a little . It felt like my muscles had gone rock solid and didn’t want to allow me to move. I struggled to do simple things as the pain was too much. I couldn’t pick the kids up to given them a cuddle or help them to get in the bath.

The pain would then go from my shoulders up my neck and around my ear. It was mainly on my left side. Thankfully I only had really bad pain for a few days . Although every now and again I get a twinge in my shoulder muscles. Thankfully the pain doesn last long. It feels now more like a knot in my shoulder maybe from the stress of it all . So maybe a massage is needed when I can.

The stiffness of my neck links with the pain I was saying above and as soon the pain subsided the stiffness went.

One thing I would say is if you feel any different than normal and you can go get tested. I not once had a temperature or cough and I didn’t loose my sense of taste or smell and I still had Covid . There are still lots to learn about COVID-19 symptoms and the list is getting longer. So just be aware of how your feeling and get a test if you feel not right.

Where I live tests are so easy to get even when you don’t have symptoms. Take them up on these tests. Remember though these tests are only as good as the moment they are done. So just because you had a negative result then. Doesn’t mean a few days later you won’t get COVID-19 .

As frustrating as it is we all need to do our bit . I have seen fit healthy people struggling to walk down the road after having Covid. Do your bit to keep yourself and others safe and follow the rules. You just don’t know how Covid-19 will affect you and it’s not worth the risk.

A year on

A year on and I can still feel the effective of Covid-19. I regularly now have sinus issues which I didn’t have before and I have found my chest to be tighter during changes of weather which I hadn’t experienced since I was a child.

I know of many people my mom included who have had hearing issues since the start of the Pandemic. My mom thinks this may have been because of not being able to lip-read due to masks. So your more reliant on hearing what others are saying. She’s had to look into having her ears checked starting to see if she needed any ear wax removed when searching we came across ear wax removal in Harrow unfortunately not so many clinics around by us. We’ve also looked into hearing clinics like the Yorkshire Hearing Clinic but again we’ve had no joy around us so we are now waiting on a referral from the Hospital. So let’s see what happens.

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