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5 reasons why children should go to nursery

Since becoming a parent I seem to have become apart of a lot of parenting groups . A lot of the time if I’m honest I just scroll on past and don’t really read many of the posts . Mainly because they are parents posting pictures of a rashes asking what is it . Now I’m now Doctor so I don’t like to put my penny’s worth in just incase someone takes my word for it .I have however seen a lot of posts over the last few months about nurseries . If people send their children to nurseries . You may not know but I have worked in childcare for nearly 10 years . So I’m a big advocate of sending children to nursery . So I thought I would share with you the reasons why I think children should go to nursery.

Time away from parents

This first one I only really understood the need for it since having Alby . Children need to learn how to cope away from their parents. Alby was such a clingy baby before going to nursery . He would only want me which was so tiring for me and must have been frustration for Jordan . As he would try his best to soothe him but all he wanted was me .

Since going to nursery he has changed so much in this area . He will have cuddle and be soothed by others . It’s as if he has learnt mommy isn’t the only one that can make him happy .


Children are social creatures but unless they have the opportunities to be social they won’t know how to use this skill . I believe that a wide range of social opportunities are important for children . So playgroups , play dates and nursery . Give children a good mix of social opportunities where they can learn how to navigate different social situations . Both with and without their parents.

Just think about it how they learn to socialise as a child will follow them into their adult life . I want my children not to be scared of social situations to just take whatever comes their way in their stride . Hence the reason why I take them to all different places and makes sure they speak when they are spoken to.

5 reasons why children should go to nursery

Also when they get older children can make lovely friends at nursery that they may even go to school with . So at least they know when they start school it may be a scary thing for them but they will have their best friend with them .

To get messy and have fun

Now don’t get me wrong I am a lover of messy play but there are somethings I just wouldn’t do at home . I hear so many parents say that’s what nursery is for . They are so right that is what nursery is for . Nursery can enable children to explore so many different things that us as parents who never dream of doing at home.

5 reasons why children should go to nursery

To get them ready for school

Going to school is such a big thing for children . This is why I think it’s so important for children to use their 3 year funding and go to nursery . Nurseries are fantastic for getting children ready for school . Not only academically but emotionally .

one thing that children learn form nursery is routine and boundaries away from home . Getting them used to following a routine early will really help when they go to school . I also think sending children to nursery for a full school day is a good thing especially in the last term before they go to school . As they will get used to being somewhere for a longer period of time .

Time for parents to be themselves again

One of my main reasons for sending my kids to nursery is so I can go to work . Selfish it may seem but I just wanted to be myself again and not just mom . I find having some time away from my children recharges my batteries ready to take it on again . So they actually get the best of me and not the worse.

5 reasons why children should go to nursery

I will add though that I don’t think children should be in childcare all day everyday . I think a balance is important . As fantastic as nursery staff are children need their parents. They need to feel safe and secure and loved within their home environment.

Nursery is a fantasic place for children. They learn so many skills that will set them up for the rest of their lives #childcare #parenting #nursery #toddler #preschool #eyfs

Do you send your children to nursery ? Did any of the above reasons come into play when making the decision to send them ?

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