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A little update on my pregnancy

I’m 27 weeks into this pregnancy now so I have been pregnant longer than I have left. Which is a nice feeling . At my 20 week scan they told me that my placenta was a little low . Nothing to be worried about but If it didn’t move then it would have to be another c-section . At this point my heart sank a little . I really don’t want a c section this time around.

Pregnancy update

The main reason for not wanting a c section is because of Ava . I want to be able to do all the things I do with her
now. I remember last time around how much pain I was in those early days . The thought of even trying to pick Ava up after a C-section makes me feel a little bit queasy . It will break my heart to see everyone else having to do things for her . Especially if she wants me to do it for her . She won’t even be 2 when baby comes so she really won’t understand what’s fully going on.

Pregnancy update

I also want to say I have done it naturally . I know I shouldn’t feel any shame for having a c section but i do . I feel as though my body failed me . The one thing I think about a lot is what if they say yes you can do it naturally your placenta has moved but again my body won’t do it . I think if I have to go all that way and have to have a c section again I will find it hard to deal with. But then I want to give my body the chance if I can.

Gosh it’s just a rollercoaster of emotions being pregnant isn’t it . I’m also at the point in my pregnancy where I’m finding it hard to sleep. Most nights I find that I’m awake even before Ava wakes up. Half the time I’m not sure if I have even closed my eyes . It’s horrid , I mean I have learnt to live with no sleep but this is getting a bit much . I have gone to bed earlier, had a hot drink to make me sleepy, waited till I’m tired to go to bed , I have tried it all and every time the same result no sleep. I think Ava gets more sleep In my bed than I do !

He is such an active baby I thought Ava moved a lot but he is just on a different level . He moves in a different way to Ava did he is really low down where as Ava was in my ribs. His kicks can really take me by surprise they can be quite painful. It is nice that his active I find it very reassuring.

Pregnancy update

I’m not sure if I’m the only one that suffers with this but I have found that if I wear anything too tight on my bump it makes me feel ill. I start to get really bad tummy ache but as soon as I take the trousers off then I’m fine . It’s so bizarre.

The heartburn is slowly creeping up on me again . Mainly of a night when I go to bed but I’m finding the medication isn’t working as well. I guess it will be a trip to the doctors soon if it continues . I’m now finding a lot of food is triggering my heartburn . This has meant that I haven’t eaten as much this time around so hopefully I won’t put on as much weight during this pregnancy !

I’m still waiting for that glow also that one where you look really healthy and full of life . I don’t think I had this glow last time but so many people talk about it it’s got to be true right . Someone please tell me it’s true and it’s going to come . I’m fed up of looking ten years older and shattered . Makeups not even covering it anymore that’s how bad it’s got.

From all of the above it would seem I’m not liking being pregnant ! I wouldn’t say I’m in love with it, but it’s ok. I’m more than ready to meet our little boy , not yet though he needs to cook longer. Before we know it this family of three will become a family of four and I cannot wait !

Pregnancy update


27 week pregnancy update how am i doing being pregant and also a mom of a toddler

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