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The Lockdown Silver Lining

What are we on now is it week seven of lockdown?

I’ve not seen my parents in 9 weeks which for me is a long time. As they were on holiday before lockdown. Well I say they were on holiday they had one day of a holiday then the hotel went into lockdown. So they had to stay in their room and be escorted to get food.

My Brother and Sister in law had a baby in January. I love being an aunty it’s such an amazing thing. I am so sad that I’m missing her reach her early milestones . She is so different to the last time I saw her in person. She’s now smiling and giggling, She’s got a little personality. I just cannot wait to make up for lost time. Having all the cuddles and enjoying watching her and my kids play and grow up together.

Things are constantly changing at home. Jordan’s been working from home and is now back at work. I have been working one full day at work and then working the rest from home. It’s been a crazy time but with every cloud their is a silver lining. I know it’s hard to think there is a silver lining to whats going on but it is so important to think about the positives. So I thought I would share with you all the things that are keeping me going. What things are my siliver linings, they may even make you look at things a little differently.

I just wanted to say thank you to Laura from Tales of a Natural Spoonie for tagging me in her silver Lining post . So make sure to head over to her post to see what her silver linings are.

When I first thought about staying at home constantly with the kids for however many weeks. It made me fell anxious. How was I going to keep them entertained. How was I going to manage their behaviour, they fight like cat and mouse half the time.

6 weeks in and I can honestly say it hasn’t been half as bad as I was expecting. They have adapted to our new normal really quickly and with little disruption. They haven’t really asked to go to places as Ava likes to tell us regularly ” Boris said we cannot go out because of the Germs” she’s taken this and understood it better than a lot of adults.

Silver lining

They have actually started to play with each other so much better than they ever have done before. I think now Alby is that little bit older he understands role play and this is Ava’s most loved form of play. Pretending she is a baby or that the Lego bricks are different foods. He now wants to join in with her and will initiate this play saying to her ” what you want” This is him pretending his going shopping.

Alby is actually sleeping through the night and in his own bed ! Horay ! this is a big thing for us it’s been a long and tiring road to get to this point. It’s almost as if life has slowed down and it’s allowed him to just go with things. His body has relaxed and chilled out. I’m just hoping this carries on even when life gets back to “normal” whatever that will look like now.

I have also been able to spend more quality time with both the kids. I now have more time to do the house things rather than squeezing everything into my two days off. We have done painting, lots of baking, playing in the garden. All the things I should of been doing with them but was always too busy to do. I know that sounds awful but it’s true. They would ask me to do something and I would be thinking oh but I need to get the washing in and then do this because I’m at work tomorrow. Well I dont have that excuse anymore. I’m actually loving it more than I thought I would. I’m not normally one to want to play games with the kids but this slower passed life is doing me good.

Making pizza our silver lining

I’m actually really grateful for this quality time with them especially Ava. As she is due to start school in September. I feel pretty lucky that I get to spend this time with her.As before I know it she will be at school full time and we will just have evenings and weekends. Which I know will be full of afterschool clubs and birthday parties.

Now this one is going to sound crazy but my kids have learnt how to be safe on the roads. We used to very rarely walk anywhere. I would get them in the car and go somewhere. Not anymore, we are walking searching for rainbows or going to a local field for a run around. The kids have had to learn road saftey quickly. Looking both ways and learning not too run off. The first few walks were lets just say fun but now they are actually pretty nice.

I have found a love for running which makes me laugh. As I have said for years now I’m going to start running and never have. If I’m honest it’s so I can escape for half hour and just be with my own thoughts and a cheesy pop playlist on Spotify. I just hope that it’s something I continue to do even when lockdown is lifted.

Starting to run my silver lining

Soon enough our rainbow will come at the end of this storm. To keep us going we need to remember to sit back and take account of all the good things that are happening. What are your silver linings ? I bet you will be surprised by how many you actually have.

I tag the lovely bloggers below to share with us all their lockdown silver lining.

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