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So i made a year ! my blog is now one

I started my blog when I was on maternity leave as a space for me to get back to being me. I was stuck in a rut and was missing the pressure of work. Now this may sound really stupid but I really do like going to work. I thrive off having goals to achieve. Also in the job I am in I help children achieve the best that they can and that is so fulfilling. So that’s why my little blog started I had the fulfilment of seeing a child develop with Ava but was missing the pressure of work.


having a baby made me start my blog

I didn’t for a moment think that when I started my blog that any companies would want to work with me. Within a few months I had heard back from some companies wanting me to review their products. Don’t get me wrong they didn’t come looking for me I just bit the bullet and put my neck on the line and approached them. Now I know many bloggers don’t like this but for me it wasn’t about getting the products it was about building relationships with brands. Brands that I could potentially work with again in the future. Which many of them I have worked with numerous times, for instance throughout Ava’s weaning journey I collaborated many a times with Ella’s kitchen. I am so thankful for any brands that have supported me in my first year and those that will support me in the future.

brands i have worked with in my first year on my blog

In this first year I have learnt so much from how to maintain my own website to promoting my blog on social media. These are skills I have taken back to work with me and helped me to get the job I’m in now. I have also made some amazing friends along the way. People I know I can turn to if I had a problem and not just a blogging problem but real life ones. Yes I may have never of met these people but many of them know more about my life then some of my friends.

In my wildest dreams I never imaged that I would ever make a penny from my blog. When I started my blog I didn’t even think it was an option. Now I am making money from my blog each month. Meaning that I can treat my family to nice things. Don’t get me wrong it’s not easy to make money from your blog its a lot of work but like I said before I don’t do things  by halves.

There are two people I really need to thank for the success of my blog. The first being Faye from Glossytots as without her I would never had started this blog. It was so random how it all came about but during my maternity leave Faye has become one of my best friends ( gosh I sound 5 again !). One day we were sat in a coffee shop when we got talking about blogging . She then talked me through all the things I needed to do to start a blog and that is how Beauties and the bibs was born so to speak.

The second person I need to thank is Jordan. There have been times where I haven’t spoken to him all evening as I’m tapping away on my laptop or joining in with blogger chats on Facebook and twitter. He has been there to tell me that I’m doing good keeping me going and also to check my spellings. I should apologise for this now if you have found some spelling mistakes on my posts. I am Dyslexic so it means spelling isn’t my best skill but I’m getting there .To be honest the more I  blog the better my spelling is becoming.

Also lastly I need to thank you the readers .Without you interacting and reading if I’m honest I don’t think I would of continued on. I know I shouldn’t get consumed with stats but its such a nice warm feeling when you know people are reading what your writing especially if it has helped them in any way. Even if its them nodding along to a post thinking thank god it’s not just me.

So thank you and here’s to another year !

happy blog birthday

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