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Taking a break can give you the boost you need to start again

This Christmas is the first year since having my blog that I haven’t really shared much on social media. Or written any posts. Even when Alby was first born I was getting posts out sharing how we were doing. This year though something felt different. I wasn’t getting the urge to write like I have before. I was just enjoying being in the moment not worry about photographing it to share on Instagram. Or making notes so I could write about our day once the kids had gone to bed.

I was starting to let my blog overwhelm me. I was constantly working on it in some way or another. Which was really starting to make me resent it. Any spare time I had was spent on my laptop writing posts, Updating old posts or doing behind the scenes things that keep my blog ticking over.

Going back to work in September has meant any spare time I had was even more precious. Working part time is hard work I would even go as far as saying it’s harder than working full time. Some weeks at work I dont have time to eat my lunch. So when I come home I want to do nothing. Also being back at work meant I was having less time with the kids. So I made a promise to myself that I would make the most of my days off with them. Do things that they like doing and not just sit around the house.

So with all these feeling brewing inside of me I knew what I had to do. I needed to take some time away. Time where I wasn’t worrying about deadlines or writing. This is when blogging as a hobby has it’s benefits. If this was my full time job I wouldn’t be able to do it as it would be my main source of income. So it means I would need to work on it all the time to make it work and make it successful.

Having time off has made me want to return to my blog. I’m excited to write again. Which makes me happy as I started my blog to write about my life and share my experiences. Unlike some people I didn’t get into it for ‘ Free Stuff’ or to ‘ get rich quick’. So you may see over the next few weeks that there are a few more posts being posted. That they may be a little jumbled up as I have been writing post ideas down but not actually done anything with them. Like Ava not needing her nappy of a night time she hasn’t had one for ages but I just haven’t written about it yet but I want to as I think it may be useful to someone.

I suppose what I have learnt from my break away from my blog is that. It’s fine not to constantly be present. Yes I may have lost some followers but Im fine with that. If people really want to read my updates and posts they will still be there when I return.

When things get all too much its important to step back from it. Taking a break will give you the head space you need to be able to move forward. #mindfullness #mindfull #wellbeing #mentalhealth

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