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5 things I have learnt whilst selling our house

Selling your house is so stressful . I would say that the whole selling process has caused me more stress then my children together. Which is just ridiculous .There are some things that I have learnt along the way . If you have sold a house do you agree with any of these ?

5 things I have learnt whilst selling our house

People are just cheeky

We have had quite a few viewings over the 12 months our house has been on the market . A lot of people have asked what comes with the house . Which I half expected them to ask. So I explain that the blinds and all the carpets are being left.

I for one second didn’t expect people to ask if we would include other items in the price of the house . Like our bed or the kitchen table . I mean why would they be left ! Do they not think they maybe we may need them when we move .

We have even had someone try to offer us less than the asking price by like 5k but only if we left the washing machine , fridge freezer and one of the kids wardrobes ! I mean come on your taking the piss now.

Just because they have made an appointment doesn’t mean they will turn up

Keeping a house clean and tidy when you have two kids is hard . So it boils my blood when people book to view the house and then don’t turn up. No message to say why or ask for another time . They just don’t come wasting your time .

When we first put the house on the market we kept the kids up for one Viewing and they didn’t turn up . No explanation nothing I then had to tackle two very tired children to bed . Which was so annoying as if I had known they weren’t they would of been in bed with no battle.

Just because you have a sold board outside your house doesn’t mean it’s a done deal.

selling our house

We have had pretty bad luck with people pulling out on us . When we first sold I was like right it’s done we are moving . Not for one second did I think it would all fall through . I suppose until you hand over your keys it’s not really a done deal . I suppose it’s best not to get too over excited as you can get let down.

I’m sure people view houses for something to do

We have had some people come and view our house that I just think why have your bothered. They tell you all the things they are looking for the reason for moving and it just doesnt match up with your house. It’s like they had a few hours spare on a weekend and thought I know shall we go and look at some houses. What they don’t think about though is how they are wasting your time. I bet they didn’t think about all the things you had to move around to make sure you were home for them. Or the fact you were up till late tidying away or the kids rubbish so the house looked presentable to them. When you would of preferred to be in bed trying to get some sleep as you know at least one child will wake in the night.

You don’t need to turn into Mrs Hinch

Selling our house

When we first put our house on the market I was I would clean the house from top to bottom every time someone booked into view. Which was just so tiring it would take me forever to do it especially with two kids in the house. Most of the time people would come and be in and out without in 10 minutes not even looking properly. These people are probably the people who are viewing for fun.

Also Jordan said something to me that made me step back and think. We live in the house it’s not a show home. So people expect to see a few things out of place especially a family home. So dont worry if everything doesnt look 100% perfect. The more I thought about it the more this actually made sense. People want to see that it’s a liveable house they want to image themselves living in it. So it doesnt have to be perfect clean yes but not show home ready.

I cannot wait for this whole process to be over. This is going to be the last time I move for sure as I cannot put myself and our family though this again. The main reason we are moving is for better schools and a house with a bit more space so really there shouldn’t be any reason to move.

There some things I have learnt whilst selling our house some of whicch I thought would never happen #thingstodo #withkids #tips #families #cleaning #humor #byowner #forsale #life

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