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Why buy cards when you can make them ! 

If you’re a regular reader of my blog you will be aware that before going on maternity leave I was a nursery manager . I have worked with children since I left school. I have found I have taken a lot of what I did at work into my new role as being a mommy . Especially when comes to making cards.

When at nursery we would make cards for every occasions . I never really thought much about the sentimental value of these cards. Since having Ava I have now realised how lovely these child made cards are.

Since Ava was a few months old I have made cards for my loved ones for all occasions. The happiness on their face when they see these cards are amazing . They are so grateful that I have taken the time to make them . They also have a fab little keep sake to keep for ever.

How much does it all cost to make cards ?

They are so easy to make and so cheap to do . I brought 2 packs of card from my local market for £1 and then the paints are from ALDI for around £3. All my ideas come from searching through Pinterest . You don’t have to be artistic to be able to make a card with you little one .

I have also found introducing Ava to painting and other sensory play from an early age. Has enabled her to love messy play and not be afraid to get messy .

Messy play isn’t just for nursery you can do it at home really easy . Start with making your loved ones a card for special occasions . Just think about all the pennies you can save !


  • Hannah Spannah

    I was a nanny for 15 years and we too also make cards for family and friends. I love it, he loves and everyone loves to receive them! A lot of people hate messy play and don’t understand why it’s so important but I have come across so many children that hate to be wet, sticky and dirty and demand clean clothes or to be wiped compulsively. It’s so sad and can cause big problems. Thanks for joining the #weekendblogshare

    • admin

      We had that a nursery children demanding a wipe as soon as a speck of dirt got on them . Thankfully Ava isn’t like this. X

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