BIBaDO a bib that really does DO what it’s meant to : review 

Mealtimes are the main reason why my washing basket is never empty . That’s because Ava ends up with half her food on her lap. We have chosen to do baby led weaning meaning it can be really messy.

So when I was recently approached by the lovely people over at BIBaDO to review their mealtime bib I was curious to if it would make meal time less messy . As one of their claims is that they promise that the BIBaDO will do its best to catch the mealtime mess.

The other night we had a meal of chicken and rice which is normally a nightmare to clean up . The rice goes everywhere and is a pain to clean up off the floor. So I put our new BIBaDO to the test.

The BIBaDO was really easy to use . You simply put it on like a normal bib then attach the straps underneath the tray. There are four adjustable Velcro tabs on the straps allowing you to alter it to what tray you are using . Or even if you’re using it on a chair without a tray .

This would make a perfect addition to the changing bag for when your out and about. Stopping the embarrassment of your child decorating the floor with food and you going on your hands and knees to clean it up . Also the BIBaDO has a pouch on one of the sleeves perfect for placing cutlery in . Which I found great when I used it when out . The cutlery didn’t get lost at the bottom of her bag or left at home which I normally do !

The other thing I really liked is that you can adjust the length of  the sleeves using the Velcro tabs . Ava has quite small arms so normally when using a full bib the sleeves end up in her food and stop her from being able to pick her food up.

You do need to make sure that you make a well in the bib between the child and the tray so the food has somewhere to collect . Once Ava had finished her meal I simply took it off around her neck and detached the straps underneath . All the food then was left in the bib ready to be put in the bin and not on the floor .

Another great thing about the BIBaDO is that it drys really quickly  ready to be used for the next meal .

Overall I was really impressed with the BIBaDO .It did what it said it would do and reduced the mealtime mess .

Have you got a messy eater and want to save their clothes or the surrounding area. Then head over to the BIBaDO website to order your own . They are priced at £19.95 per bib.

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