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This is a collaborative post with sensible review. Sensible review is a group of product hunters and reviewers that look for the best deals  on all different products.

I have always been one to research things, read reviews before I go out and splash the cash . Especially when I was pregnant with Ava . I listed all the things I wanted. Read reviews to narrow down what was then best brand Then made a  list all the different places that sold them along with the price . Some things I would only save £5 but other things I saved £20-50 pounds per item . When your having a baby every penny you can save is a bonus.

shop around and read reviews


The great thing about the internet is that you can search for anything and come up with loads of reviews. I bet if you was to randomly pick something from your house and look for a review on the internet it would be there.

Blogs and websites like sensible reviewer are my go to places to word look at before buying a product . I like to know that the review is real and not a company making it sound amazing . I like the personal touch to a blog review . I want to know about the bad as well as the good aspects and determine if it will be the same for me. I would much prefer to have to full image rather than a fluffed up version.

Sensible reviewer is a fairly new site to me . After having a little look around the site I was really impressed . It has the same personal touch as a blog and it’s not written really formally . The reviews have a personality to them meaning a real person has written them ! . Not just a list of the product specification wrote down.

It wasn’t until I had a blog of my own that I truly understood how people use the internet for product reviews . Some of my most popular posts are product reviews especially if it’s a high-priced product . People want to know if they are getting their money’s worth . If it’s actually worth buying , Seeing that it has been a good product for someone else really helps make your mind up sometimes.

Do you check out online reviews before buying a product ? 

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