Cute Nico changing backpack : review

I had completely forgotten how much you have to carry around with you when you have a baby . I know I’m an over packer but gosh don’t babies need a lot of stuff . My old changing bag was full even before adding Alby’s stuff in . Thankfully the lovely people over at Cute Nico have sent me their Cute Nico changing backpack to try.

Cute Nico changing backpack

One reason why I haven’t had a new changing bag for Alby is because I found all the bags to be pretty girly . Yes I’m a woman carrying it around but I didn’t want it to be overly girly . I was looking for something completely gender neutral and had all the things I wanted from a bag, this wasn’t an easy task.However I love the colour of the Cute Nico changing backpack it’s neither too girly or too boyish. Which also means my partner doesn’t mind carrying it around . Which he hasn’t really wanted to do with our other Changing bags.

inside the Cute Nico changing backpack

One of the things I needed was a bag that was big enough to fit two children’s things inside but didn’t look like I was carrying a suitcase around. I have put both children’s things in the backpack and I still have lots of space inside and it still looks quite compact.

I also really like the stroller straps on the top on the arm straps. This in my eyes is a must now with any changing bag . Whilst strapped onto the pushchair everything is to hand and it means I don’t have to stuff it into the basket underneath the pushchair . Taking up much-needed basket space.

stroller straps on the Cute Nico changing backpack

I’m all for making life easier and the Cute Nico Changing backpack does just that. On one of the side pockets there is a space to put wipes in. Meaning you can undo the little zip and have wipes to hand. Which is great for when Ava is smearing stuff all over her face whilst out . I’m normally that parent rifling through the bag to try to find the wipes well not anymore !

Cute Nico changing backpack wipe compartment

Not only does it look great it’s actually really comfy to wear . I’m not normally one for a backpack. But I actually really liked wearing it . It’s certainly came in handy when I have used it on mommy and Ava days out. As I can have all we need on my back in the bag and two hands free to get her when she is trying to run off !

Like most Changing bags now the Cute Nico backpack comes with a handy fold away changing bag. It also comes with a mesh bag and a thermal bag . That can be used separately or attached onto the outside of the bag for easy access. I put the kids dummies in one of these . Then linked it around the shoulder strap ready for when I needed them. I also found these smaller bags handy to pack them with a few nappies, wipes and a nappy sacs. So when I changed their nappies whilst out I didn’t need to take the whole bag with me.

Baby Nico changing backpack acsessories

If you’re a person that loves a bag with compartments like me then this bag is for you . It has 12 pockets, 1 anti theft/ mobile phone pocket and includes an extra wide dual zip opening.

Overall I think that the Cute Nico Changing bag is great . It has and does all you need it to do and so much more.

The cute Nico changing back pack is stylish and also practical. With multiple pockets and added extras #changingbag #review #stylish #practical #parenting #childrenproducts #babyproducts

*We were sent the Cute Nico changing backpack for free in return for an honest review. All opinions are my own *

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