Interactive fun with Kidloland review and giveaway 

When I was first approached by the people over at Kidloland I wasn’t sure it would be of any use to us . They suggested I tried it as there is a wide range of different things you can do on the app.

They were right Ava loves to listen to the lullaby songs , jigging along to them . I have an iPhone and Apple TV I found it great to play it via my tv. Ava is only 8 months old she finds my phone great to chew on . As soon as I put it on the telly she concentrated and enjoyed the music and animation.

Once on the main screen you can scroll through and pick what you would like to do. This is great for older children as they are able to pick for themselves , as it’s easy and simple to do.

On some of the songs you will see a hand icon , which means once touched will make sounds or movements. Which is a great interactive function for older children to enjoy.

There are also some fantastic activities on the app. Which I found very handy for when In the car with my friends daughter. The activites kept her entertained and interested.

I loved the fact that there were no annoying pop ups .I have found this on other educational apps . Also if Ava did look at it on my phone if she touched the screen it didn’t pause . Meaning the music continues on and she can continue to enjoy exploring.

The Kidloland app contains over 300 rhymes and educational songs and also over 220 games and activities to enjoy . Once  downloaded it can be used offline letting little one explore without draining your data.

There are three different download options of £3.99 for a month, £18.99 for 6 months and £29.99 for a year . I would say it’s worth every penny . Think about all the apps you spend a couple of pounds on that are rubbish.Or they are bored after a few days . Well with the Kidloland app there is no way they will be bored of it.With all it has to offer in one app saving you pennies !.

How do I purchase it ?

App Store , Google play and Amazon Appstore .

You can always check out their website for more details and help with the app.

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  • Jodie Harvey

    i have the cbeebies app on my ipad for my toddlers, they love being able to learn with their favourite characters and i love the fact they stay interested and it holds their attention

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