chemical free baby wipes with water wipes: review

Off and on since Ava was little she has had nappy rash. Most recently she had a bad case of thrush and every time I wiped her with her normal wipes she would wince in pain. So I changed what I was doing and started to use water and cotton wool . This can be such a faff, especially if your out and about. This is when I started looking for an alternative and came across Water Wipes. These wipes were a game changer and now the lovely people over at Water Wipes have sent me some to review on my blog.

This wasn’t the first time I had used Water Wipes. When I was packing my hospital bag a friend of mine told me to get some just incase I had to stay in hospital and wasn’t able to get to the shower. Thankfully I listened to her. As I had a C-section I had to stay in a few days and these wipes kept me feeling fresh and clean. Until I could have a proper shower in the comfort of my own home

Water Wipes are chemiacal free

Why we love Water Wipes.
  • I Always make sure that the products I buy for Ava contain no nasties. Well Water Wipes contain 99.9% water and 0.1% fruit extract.
  • They are full of moisture which is great and I have also found it means I use less wipes.
  • We do Baby led weaning which if you have ever done baby led weaning you will know it can be a messy affair. These wipes make cleaning up after mealtimes quick and easy.
  • They are a great size which stops any mess getting on your hands especially if your cleaning up a messy poo this is a bonus.
  • The wipes are really strong meaning they don’t come apart.
  • They are fab for those horrid Weetabix poo’s that stick to their skin like cement. I know you have all had to deal with this. You end using half a packet of wipes trying to get it off their skin. Well I found Water Wipes make easy work of this and I only used a few wipes.

I did find that some of the packets had more moisture in the wipes than others. So this left Ava a little damp after cleaning her, so sometimes I did have to pat her dry. This hasn’t put me off the wipes and I would rather them have too much moisture than too little.


They have also done a handy little travel size packet . These have been so handy, especially when on the nursery run. This is normally the time when Ava spreads snot across her face and I don’t have any wipes on me. Not wanting her to look unkempt I normally use anything to hand to clean her face. Well not anymore as I have these in my car at all times.

travel pack of Water Wipes perfect for the car


Yes they may be a bit more pricey than your normal brand of wipes. But you have to remember that you are paying for a completely natural product and I think they are totally worth the money.


*I was sent a sample of Water Wipes for free in return for an honest review. All opinions are my own*




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  • Amy @ Arty apple

    Great product review. I remember wiping my friends little girls ‘post dinner face’ with a Sainsburys wipe and about 30 seconds later she was beetroot red in the face. Argh! Needless to say we hadn’t realised she was allergic to that brand. Just highlights that they don’t all suit our little ones. These water wipes sound a good option!

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