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My blogging journey through 2017

This is the first full year that I have been blogging and boy it’s been an interesting one. I have learnt so much more and worked with some amazing brands.

I think one of the biggest things I have learnt is not to compare yourself to anyone else. Being apart of blogging Facebook groups has both its benefits and its draw backs. I am apart of one specific group who I can go to for support with anything blogging related or even just to have a moan about things that are going on . This is the group I love and can be me in. But then there are groups I’m apart of . Where people post about brands they are working with or opportunities they are being emailed about. This is where i start to compare myself . Why am I not getting these opportunities what’s wrong with my blog. I used to get a little wound up about this but then I though what is the point. As long as I’m happy with my blog and what’s happening with it I need to forget about what everyone else is doing.

Blogging in 2017

I still have a lot to learn about blogging and really need to get my head around things like Pinterest . But I have learnt more about Facebook and how to use it to my full advantage. I have learnt how to do more of the background stuff like making my blog run faster and what plugins I need for things like security. Slowly but surely I’m getting there with all the tech stuff. I do need to look more into SEO as I know this is something I’m not the best at. I have been looking into it and there are some amazing stories of how people increased their page views . Like this one a london seo expert success story you’ll never believe

I do want to change the layout of my blog but I think this will have to be when I have time to fiddle with no kids about . I need to do it I know and at some point I will do watch this space.

This year I have also earned some money from my blog which has come in really handy. I’m hoping that this continues and I can make up the shortfall from my maternity pay . Maybe even one day make enough money each month so that I don’t have to go to work anymore. Now that would be the dream. I know it won’t be easy but it would make things a lot easier especially now I have two kids. I know this won’t happen anytime soon but maybe one day in the future.

I have also worked with some great brands and we have had some amazing review products.

Here are just a few recent ones,

Knuma Huddle

Diono Quantum


We have also had a great day out a Hoo farm and had a lovely meal at prezzo thanks to Brit mums.

Not only has me blogging enabled us to review some awesome products and have some days out . It’s given me a focus when things are crazy at home or work . I have a space of the Internet I can vent write all my thoughts and feelings down . I really do try to be as honest and as real as I can . I have found it to be quite therapeutic writing it all down. Even if I don’t publish it for one reason or another writing it down really helps.

blogging has also enabled me to go back to work after my maternity leave with Ava but in a new position. I have been using all the things I have learnt from blogging in this new role . Which made my return to work a lot easier .As it was a role I really wanted and I was able to work around Ava.

I’m really excited to see what blogging brings me in 2018. I’m going to try to work hard on my blog whilst I’m off on maternity leave . So the posts may be more regular so I do hope you don’t get fed up of me.

I hope 2018 is a good one for you too. Thank you for supporting me through 2017 please continue to do so through 2018 I really appreciate every page view and comment 😊

Happy new blogging year

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