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7 reasons why having a puppy is like having another child

You may have seen that we have just had a puppy called Luca . He is such a beautiful little thing but gosh it’s like having another baby. I knew it was going to be hard work as we’ve had dogs in the past but this made me realise that for sure don’t want another baby !

Cute puppy

Already in a few days he has changed so much and is setting in. However there are some things that remind me of the early days of having a baby.

7 reasons why having a puppy is like having another child.

They keep you up at night

The first night was really difficult which is to be expected. His been taken away from his mom and siblings and put with people he doesn’t normally know.

Seeping puppy

He cried lots and just wanted to be with us, which is to be expected . So it meant that jordan had to sleep downstairs with him. He didn’t sleep through and hasn’t so far so we’re being woken in the night. Which for us is hard as for the last 7/8 months the kids have been sleeping really well.

Slowly but surely he is getting there and only waking us once in the night. Which actually is a lot better than the kids used to be.

You cannot leave them alone

When you have a toddler you have to have eyes in the back of your head so you know what they are up to. Puppy’s are the same if you leave them in a room by themselves long enough . They will wee on your floor and have something they shouldn’t have.

So this means now not only do I have the kids follow me to the toilet the dog comes too.

They constantly need feeding

My day now revolves around when Luca will next need a meal . If I do it at a certain time will he have enough time to hopefully do his business outside before I have to go on the school run.

I have to keep reminding myself of the last time I fed him . Also how much his eaten so I can keep a check on what his eating through the day.

They love to play you up

Just like kids puppies know when they shouldn’t be doing something. They like to be cheeky to see if they can get away with it. Luca’s favourite thing to do is run off when I’m trying to get him outside. Which results in me following him around the house trying to get him to go outside.

Which sometimes means the window of opportunity has gone and he does a wee or poo on the carpet. Joy !

Random people want to talk to you

I remember when both mine were really little people would stop me and say oh look at them and all that jazz. Trying to make a conversation with me . The same happens when you have a puppy.

I only carried Luca next door to collect a parcel and it’s like everyone was waiting for me to make a conversation with me about him . Thankfully Covid has one benefit they couldn’t get too close and I could make a quicker exit.

Everybody has an opinion

Just like when you have children everyone has an opinion on how your doing things . If your doing it different to them then your doing it wrong. Or you have picked the wrong vets because so and so’s uncles brother had an issue with them so we won’t ever go there.

Like I said to a friend today just like children every dog is different. Every family is different and how we’re doing it may be different to how your doing it but that’s fine. We’re just trying our best.

All conversations lead to talking about them

As soon as you have kids the conversations with your other half change. You talk about feeds and when they last did a poo. It’s exactly the same with a puppy . I’ve spoken to Jordan via text more than I have in ages over the last few days. As we’re passing things on about Luca or talking about something dog related.

Puppy and child

So if your thinking about having a puppy . Just think could I add another child into the mix of my family. If the answer is yes and your life is ready for it then maybe you may have a puppy shape whole in your life that needs filling. Puppy’s are a dhuge responsibility and something you should rush doing. Think about everything all the hurdles that may get in your way. Then make your decision.

Having a puppy is just like having a baby they change your life so much . You need to make sure your prepared for this befor having a puppy #puppy #newpuppy #newaddition #cockapoo #cockapoopuppy

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