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When I say honey you say G

You know what when Honey G first appeared on the x factor I thought this is hilarious but surely she won’t get past the auditions. Against all odds she has made it through to the live shows! And to be honest why shouldn’t she of.

Honey G what do you think


Yes she may not be your typical x factor act or even your typical rapper, but you know what she is teaching kids it’s ok to have a go. A bloody good go as well. She has this passion for music and she isn’t listening to what the public are saying she is doing what she loves. I think we could all take a page from her book. How many times have you wanted to do something but you haven’t because you don’t want to look stupid or people laugh at you, and yes this still happens in adult hood. If only more people had her attitude to life, myself included. Just throw yourself into whatever your passion is be it singing, dancing, baking, or chess whatever. Do it and do it well no matter what others think!

Like many people Honey G is like a guilty pleasure of mine something you want to dislike but you just can’t. I find myself watching her on the x factor with a big grin across my face. To be fair she isn’t even that bad I have seen a lot worse than her on the show. Some of them have now gone on to have amazing careers in the public limelight doing other things.

So I think we all need to stop hating and starting admiring, well maybe that’s a bit of a strong word maybe liking her . After all she is a human just like the rest of us and it cannot be easy having all these horrid things about her.

Are you a Honey G lover ? or do you think she is just a gimmick ?



  • Vicki

    I genuinely thought she was taking the mickey big time when she first appeared on the auditions, and I’m still not sure she’s not taking us all for a ride BUT if she is genuine, then I have to agree with you, she should be applauded for going out there, doing her thing and not worrying about what anybody thinks. I still think it’s a shame that she took a place in the finals that could have been taken by a truly talented singer though.

    • admin

      Yes I agree there are probably more talented people that have missed out on a chance in the finals but I suppose it’s great to be diverse x

  • Kat

    I love this. She just doesn’t listen to anyone does she and is doing what she truly loves which is great. Thanks so much for linking up to #dreamandsparkle hope to see you back next time!

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