Children keep you on your toes !

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I have looked after children now in a nursery environment for many years . I didn’t realise how hard it can be to be a parent until I had Ava. They sure do keep you on your toes.

Now Ava is kind of crawling she gets around really well . I’m sure sometimes I blink and she has made it across the room. She has got a big thing for the dogs toys . I’m sure its because she knows she’s not aloud to have them .She even looks back at me as if to say look what I’m doing !

The other day I literally put her down for all of 2 seconds on the kitchen floor to pick her bottle up and she ended up splashing in the dogs water bowl . There wasn’t a patch of the kitchen floor that wasn’t covered in water . Even more annoyingly I had just changed her as we were on our way out the door. I do some day’s wish she hadn’t learnt this new skill. I used to be able to put her somewhere and she wouldn’t move , it was ace !


I have had one friends who told me never to let Ava play with my keys . Not because they may be dirty but because they then see them as their toy. She went on to tell me that one day just before trying to leave the house she couldn’t find her keys . After looking everywhere and still not finding them she had to call a locksmith. Then months down the line whilst putting the dressing up clothes away she found them in a handbag !

It really is true what they say you have to have eyes in the back of your head around children. Having a dog as well as a child I need like 6 pairs of eyes. I really don’t know who is more hard work at times.



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