Gardening inspired crafts- Bleeding tissue paper flowers & toilet roll bee

Were back with this months Bostik blogger post. This months theme was gardening, when I think of gardening during the summer months it makes me think of flowers. Brightly coloured flowers so I thought I would create a craft around flowers. We also had a lot of tissue paper lying around and nothing was being done with it so I thought I would incorporate this into the craft

Bleeding tissue paper flower

If you’re not really the most crafty person ever then this craft is for you it’s so easy to do and you only need to use a few different things.

What your will need
  • Tissue paper,
  • Card,
  • Permanent marker,
  • paint brush,
  • Water,
  • Pipe cleaner

First of all you will need to start by drawing the outline of a flower on your card. Now I’m rubbish at drawing even the simplest of things like flowers don’t really look too good. So I took a foam flower that we already had and drew around it in permanent marker pen.

Beeding tissue paper flower craft

Then you will need to get the Tissue paper and rip it into small pieces.

Beeding tissue paper flower craft

Next you will need to get your child to cover the whole flower with water. The best way to do this is to put some water in a cup and give them a clean paintbrush. Then ask them to brush the water all over the flower.

Beeding tissue paper flower craft

Once you have done this you will then need to put the tissue paper on top of the water. The tissue paper will then start to bleed some of the colour. leaving some lovely colours and marks on the paper. If your paper dries out whilst your doing this just brush some more water over it.

Beeding tissue paper flower craft

Once you have covered the whole flower in tissue paper brush over it one last time with water. Once it’s dry it will stick to the card.When it’s dry you will need to add a stork to your flower we did this by gluing a pipe cleaner on. You could if you wanted to use paint or pens.

Beeding tissue paper flower craft

There you go a beautiful flower to brighten up your house, flowers dont just have to be for brightening up the garden.

Looking for an easy non messy activity then try this bleeding tissue paper flower #craft #flowercraft #forkids #eyfs #spring #forchildren #ideas #paper #easy #nomess


Now to go with our flower we have made a bumble bee. Both of these together could be used to teach children about pollination and why bees need flowers.

Toilet roll Bee

turn an empty toilet paper roll into a cute, bee craft for kids! #craft #beecraft #toiletroll #forkids #eyfs #spring #forchildren #ideas #paper #easy #summercrafts

You will need
  • Toilet roll,
  • yellow card,
  • Glue,
  • black marker pen,
  • pipe cleaner.
  • white card or paper doily to make wings.

First of all you will need to cut a piece of yellow card big enough so that it will wrap around the toilet roll. Once this is done you will need to cover the whole card with glue. We like to use the Bostik Blue glue stick as Ava can see clearly where she has put the glue. Once the glue is dry it ill go from blue to clear.

Beeding tissue paper flower craft and toilet roll bee

You will then need to wrap the card around the toilet roll. You may need to hold or secure it until it’s dry.

Beeding tissue paper flower craft and toilet roll bee

Once the card is on the toilet roll you will need to start making the Bees face. To do this you will need to cut a circle out of card and draw a face on it. To make it look more like a bee I put some antennas on it using black pipe cleaners. I secured these in place with a little bit of glue.

You will also need to make some wings for your bee. We used some paper doilies as I thought they looked really effective. I simply cut wing like shapes out of them so that I could stick them on the body.

Now you will need to attach the wings and the head on to the body. We used some Foam pads to do this as I found glue wasn’t strong enough and they kept falling off.

To finish it off you will need to draw the black stripes on the body. I simply did this by using a black permanent maker .

Beeding tissue paper flower craft and toilet roll bee

Beeding tissue paper flower craft and toilet roll bee

I hope you have enjoyed this months craft. If your looking for some other ideas of crafts to do why not check out our craft section. Where you can find a wide ;

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