Flower crafts

I cannot believe it’s time for our next Bostik blogger craft post. Last months theme was flight and we made some cool peacocks. This months theme is flowers. I love flowers I don’t very often have them in the house though and I wish I did. So to brighten up our house we have come


easy Easter crafts

I don’t know about you but I have found more and more Easter is becoming about receiving presents. It’s not just the one chocolate egg these days. Its loads of chocolate eggs and clothes or toys. It just gets too much I mean they have only just had Christmas. What more do they actually need.


bubble wrap painting

We quite often get things packaged in bubble wrap and 9/10 I put it in the recycling bin straight away. Today though I thought let’s do something fun with it even if I recycle it afterwards at least its been used a few times. So today we did some bubble wrap painting. It’s really easy